Organizational Behavior Case Study

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Over the past few decades, studying organizational behavior has become an important thing that needs to be understood by many people, organizations, and even companies. It has become very important, since organizational behavior can bring so many benefits for people and companies to achieve their goals well and organize it better. For example, organizational behavior can help companies to learn about how to deal with many people, cope with globalization, manages the companies wisely, and may increase performance and productivity of the employees (Usman, 2010). One of the examples of organizational behavior lesson that has become very important, especially for organizations and companies, is the study of personality and behavior. Personality…show more content…
In contrast, behavior defined as someone’s reaction or response towards an action or event that he or she faced (Business Dictionary, 2016). Furthermore, behavior is often created and affected by someone’s attitude either it is a positive or negative attitude. Different with personality, behavior is likely easy to be changed since it depends with the situation that the person faced and may be different every time. Even though personality and behavior are very different, they are actually having a strong relation between them. In order to explain why personality and behavior can have a strong relation between them, this essay is purposefully made to explain why the study of personality is important to the study of behavior, by giving the impacts of it on work performance, job satisfaction, and interpersonal relation, as well as finding out the implementation of it in…show more content…
Management is created to manage or control an organization or company well, in order to achieve its goals efficiently. Especially for companies, understanding personality and behavior well can be very useful and important for them to determine the efficiency and success of the companies. It can be implemented and shown by how the companies are selecting, eliminating, and choosing the right employee for the companies (Business Case Studies, 2016). In addition, it is usually done by the companies’ manager. In order to do that, it is very important for the companies to put the right personality that can be matched to the job that will be given. The reason is simply because it can help the companies to have a better performance and productivity from their employee. There are some strategies and ways that the companies’ manager can use to do that. For example, when a company is about to hire some people, the manager of that company can apply a personality test that will be given to the potential employees first. The reason to do this test is to likely help the manager to know the potential personality that the potential employees might have, in order to choose the right employees for the right job (Chatterjee &Learnvest, 2015). Once the employees’ personality suit with the job, the employees will behave well towards their job and produced a better productivity for the company. Another
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