Reflection On Organizational Behavior

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The following paper required the assessment of answers that were chosen to questions asked by Prentice Hall’s Self-Assessment Online Library. For each given part of the questionnaire, the knowledge that was obtained while doing so was thoroughly evaluated. The information that is discussed was then applied to the workplace. Behaviors and interactions with others were focused on in the explanation of the roles that such awareness would contribute to in becoming a better employee and co-worker. These sections were then applied to what was learned about myself along with what knowledge advancement I gained on the topic of organizational behavior. “The Gospel and Personal Reflection” was the final concentration of this report. The transformation that the Holy Spirit has had on my weaknesses was explained in reference to the named article. Ironically, much was to be learned in furthering the understanding that I thought I had of my own personality. Very good Step 1Good use of headings; What about Me?…show more content…
It is not on the highest end of the spectrum but it is indeed significant. Such a trait tends to focus on quantity rather than quality (Pearson Education, 2008). I never really paid close attention to that facet but when truly reflecting on it, the relevance is heightened. I am not the most creative person either which is also a characteristic of the A category. Stress is attested to the personality that I hold, as well. I knew I was dissatisfied with certain areas of my job but until I was questioned on the specifics, I was unaware of the exact parts that I was the most frustrated with. Before, I simply hated the position all around but I have come to the conclusion that there are only a few aspects that truly irritate me. This annoyance is so substantial that it causes me to overlook the times and tasks during my work day that I actually do
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