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During my school years, I have been assigned lots of writing to do. At the start, I found great difficulty in putting my thoughts on paper, yet by practice, one gets to improve his abilities. One never stops learning as long as he lives. Moreover, practice results in perfection. In my past school years I have received many writing tasks, in addition, I gradually improved in each of them. There are various differences between my work in each stage of my life, example, the work I have done in the past, work in the present and what I intend to do as a writer in my future.

As for my past, I had various writing assignments that my teachers asked me to do, such as character analysis essays, persuasive essays, and compare and contrast essays. Many of these essays I have truly enjoyed, such as the persuasive essay, however others, I really struggled at, such as the character analysis. Furthermore, I had others that I was at standard level at them, yet, they needed a lot of improvement in many ways. Last year, as for memorable things that teachers told me, was that I had a lot of trouble in the thesis statement structure, which however, affected the rest of the writing. Knowing all my mistakes now, moreover getting more advice this year, I hope that I will make huge progress.

As for the present, during writing an essay I usually jot down my ideas on a piece of paper, next I prepare a peaceful environment, which I could easily get out my concentration, which is usually on a suitable desk in my room. The surrounding that I must have to write, is a well lighted room, where I am all alone without any distracting noise. I start off buy having a scrap paper where I do all my jotting notes at and mainly the first and second draft of the essay. Yet, that is easier for me as I could simply correct any mistake and use reference guides such as the dictionaries which also helps me in spelling mistakes and thesaurus for developing good word choice, lastly I write it on the keyboard neatly. When I think of going for advice, the first thing that comes on my mind is asking the teachers, as they are the number one choice to help you out.
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