Reflection On Critical Rationale

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Jared Lawrence
College Writing 101-04
Critical Rationale Essay
As I reflect on my experiences throughout the semester of English 101 I’ve come to figure out that I have met very important requirements that I feel were very valuable for me as a student. I have become a better writer; I have also learned valuable information on the proper rhetorical choices as well as understanding the materials we have went over throughout the semester. During this process, reading and comprehending the materials given were not only a difficult task for me but I also needed much improvement in this area. As far as my portfolio layout goes, I decided to use a layout which shows my gradual improvement as a writer throughout the entire semester. Other aspects of the writing process over the semester such as the revision stages were also something that I continued to progress in. I’ve come to realization that writing is no longer a just another assignment that I can just through just before it’s due. This class is the first writing course in which I’ve actually had to push myself. I firmly believe that I have that brought my writing to another level. My paragraphs feel sharper, my ability to reference pop text has gotten significantly better, and, most importantly, I am able to more personal with my writing. I no longer get that annoying writer’s block at the end of papers.
When it came to the process of writing my first, second, and third essay’s, there was clear visual improvement that I have become a better writer in certain aspects. As for essay one, I tended to rely on my writing skills as a high school student rather than use the components of a successful college student essay. This was definite once I received the feedback given by ...

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...cessary for feeling confident in my writing and completing my essay three. As I complete my portfolio, my main focus is to emphasize the improvements of my writing by placing my worse essays first, followed by my best essays. This process will not only show how well my writing has excelled over the semester but also it will show that the peer review and conference sessions were very beneficial. This course has made realize that I love to write, as opposed to just being good at it. As far as any other information that I feel that shows my improvement as a writer I would like to include any and all of the information that from the reading assignments as well as any in class information that has helped with my writing skills over the semester. The reading assignments have been instrumental, because they help to give me a framework for what I am supposed to be writing.

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