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Multiple essays have been formulated during the duration of Composition 1. These essays have taught me an important lesson about my writing, failure is acceptable in order to grow. On the other hand, I made an important discovery last year that I want to study journalism and advance further in that field after college. From taking journalism classes, to blogging in my spare time, to always getting an A on my papers, I thought I had no room to improve. I was mistaken. Therefore, because of the rigorous essay work each essay brought, I learned more about how to write different pieces and grow from my “failure”.
When enrolling into Composition 1, I had a fixed idea that it was going to be an easy A, since I wrote in my spare time. This class
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The thoughts running around in my head were telling me that this essay might be a little better than the pre-assessment. After all, Mrs. Robinson had proclaimed she graded harder to teach us, but there were still doubts in my head. I thought to would write something personal, since that was what I was used to and it worked well for me. Upsettingly, I spent time on this essay but didn’t use all the resources to my benefit. I didn’t read it aloud after being finished and go back and check to see what I wrote made sense. Figured that out later…show more content…
This essay taught me that even though I was learning a lot from this course, that there was still room to improve. Likewise, I ended up with the assumption I had done great on this essay since I wrote about a topic I enjoyed, makeup. I was proven wrong. The evaluation paper called for evaluating and expanding on the quotes you had provided in your paper, something I wasn’t as familiar with until this class. I didn 't do so well on this particular essay but I had the opportunity to learn from my mistakes. Mrs.Robinson gave a get out of jail free card when she said we could rewrite one of our first three essays and this was the essay I chose. After revising this essay, I truly feel like I understand more about the editing process. I went back and checked each paragraph to make sure everything was perfect, changed word choice, and looked over and over for grammatical errors. Because of this I now know that I need to revise the essay before I turn it in since every writer makes
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