Who I Am as a Writer?

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Writing is a way in which a person can express their thoughts and ideas through the use of words. Everybody has their own writing styles. Some may consider theirs as inspirational while others think of it to be bad. Writing requires a lot of patience and time. In my case, writing has never been my favorite thing to do. I am no Shakespeare and I never will be, writing has always made me feel uncomfortable. In the past, I had always considered writing to be one of the most difficult tasks. I often wrote about topics that were not of my interest. I rarely did any writing out of school or for leisure as most people do. I only wrote because the teacher asked us to. Writing has always been forced onto me. Even though my writing isn't that great, I've felt that I've never been given the freedom to express my voice. Academic writing has always made me anxious. And, anxiety had resulted in my procrastination. Even though I consider writing to be one of the toughest tasks, I've felt that giving myself enough time to think allows me to do better. Silence helps me think beyond horizons. However, the fear of impressing someone, the anxiety and frustration is what makes me a developing writer.

There are a number of factors that have influenced my writing today. I consider writing as one of the most tedious tasks. When given writing work, I tend to find it difficult to gather all my thoughts. The anxiety of what the outcome might be has always hindered my thinking and has thus led to my procrastination. I often feel that the rules that accompany writing is frustrating, like keeping up with the word limit, grammar and time management. However, I feel that the environment where I did most of my writing is mainly responsible for my writing toda...

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... hate for writing and others think so too. Fahmy states, “She is not so confident about her writings” (2014, p.1). This statement is relevant. I have never been confident about any of the written work I have submitted so far. The thought of writing an essay frustrates me. I often don't know how to begin the essay or even end it. I feel short of words. Whenever I write something, I am doubtful about it and often strike out the entire page and start all over again. Every time I write something, I feel I'm being repetitive, which is a sign of my low self-esteem. Once I submit my work, I expect that the result will be bad. However, at times my ‘not so good’ writing actually doesn't turn out to get a bad grade. When I am given the next writing assignment, the process of not knowing what to write again repeats itself. Sometimes I even question the purpose of writing.
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