My Strength and Weakness in Composition Writing Class

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This semester I learned many new things in my English 1301 class. I took this class last year but I had to drop it because I didn’t have a professor explaining the work to me. And I really didn’t understand what I was doing. At first, I was scared to take this class. During my high school years I wasn’t that good of a writer. I thought this composition class was going to be hard since I sometimes thought it was hard in high school. My writing experience was good and sometimes bad. This semester in the composition class I had many writing strengths and weaknesses. These strengths and weaknesses is what helped me learn the errors I was making while writing essays this semester.
My first writing weakness was deciding what to write about. I had to read the essay topic over and over again to understand what it was asking for. I would worry that I wouldn’t understand the topic correctly. While writing the essay I was scared to get out of topic and write about something else I wasn’t supposed to write about. Another thing that would happen to me was that suddenly my mind would go blank and wouldn’t be able to think about what else I could write about. The essay I liked writing the most this semester was the second essay. I enjoyed making my own planet and how my alien had a quest with all the commercials I saw on the TV. The hardest essay I wrote this semester was the fourth and last essay. I got confused when I was writing the body paragraphs. This writing weakness impacted my life by showing me that I have trouble thinking about how I could write my essays. I think I should start reading books and maybe I could get a few ideas out of those books.
Another weakness I had was the run on and comma splice errors. I had this problem becau...

... middle of paper ...

...something I didn’t have trouble with but if I would have had trouble I would’ve learned in the lesson we had.
I was never a person that liked to write essays. This semester I really enjoyed writing those essays and specially because I was learning new things while writing them. Some things I could do to improve my essay writing are not to wait till the last three or four days before I turn my essay in to start doing it. Another thing I will do is if I forget how to do something or about some rule in the common errors I made I will just go back to all the lessons I printed out to have as reference. I think those will help me allot. And one last thing I will do to improve my writing is to try my best not to confuse all those words I got confused. I will do my best to learn each word and its rule of where it goes so I won’t have the same mistakes I had this semester.
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