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Personality traits in us and others In the last 5 weeks, we have learned about personalities, learning styles, temperaments, and emotional intelligence. For the learning styles, we took a personality test only to find out what kind of personality trait we have. Temperaments are the way we learn how we want to handle things in life. Emotional intelligence is how we learn to read each other, and learning how and when to say something to diffuse a confrontation. There are four different kinds of temperament’s. There is analyzers, supporters, creators, and directors (Bethel University, 2006). Analyzers like for things to be organized and dedicated to their work. Dedication is a great attribute for an analyzer. Supporters take things…show more content…
Although I would have never considered myself as a “Defender,” there were several points that were true. The results of my strengths and weaknesses show 77% introverted, 97% observant, 80% feeling, 34% judging, and 56 % turbulent. Although I was optimistic about the outcome, I see myself as being supportive, reliable and patient, enthusiastic, loyal and hardworking, having good practical skills, along with imaginative and observant skills. Being raised by two great parents, I wanted to be just like them. Looking them up to them made me who I am today, and with that I am very thankful. As a mother, I wanted to set the example for my children as well. As we all have weaknesses, this opened my eyes to what they are. I can see myself in all the boats, being humble and shy, taking things personally, repressing my feelings, overloading myself, and being reluctant to change. In conclusion, after learning about my personality traits, I need to sit back, think about them, work on them, try to perfect the ones that I can, and improve in several different areas. If I work diligently on these areas, I feel like I would be able to conquer the world. My reaction was not in any way surprising to say the least, but brought to life on my…show more content…
Personality is the seen characters of one’s actions, and temperament is the way of thinking, behaving or reacting. How do we show our temperaments in our jobs, school, church, or other places we may go? Are we supporters, analyzers, creators or directors? Sit and think for a second on how we work, and act throughout the day, and how would we perceive ourselves? Do we support, analyze, create or direct? It was very interesting to take the test to see what was revealed. Some would be surprised only to find out what they thought and what the test really shows (Bethel University,

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