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  • Indeed: The World is Better Today

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    People all over this world often contemplate if they lived in a different time would they be better off having lived fifty years ago or if the world today just as suitable if not better than what it was fifty years ago. I am here to tell you, if you may be one of those people pondering the very same question, you are better off today thanks to the advancements in modern education, technology, and medicine. There have been outstanding advancements in much of the aspects of all over the world since

  • Reflective Essay On A Better Public Speaker

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    At the start of the year, I have set a goal for myself to be a better public speaker. Specifically, I aimed to improve my eye contact, my speech fluency and have a louder voice while presenting. This was a challenge for me because although I have given speeches before, I have never given a formal speech that I would prepare for in English. From the start of the semester, I realized that even the best public speakers need hours of practice to give a several minute speech. I knew that if I wanted to

  • Better Home and Gardens and The Home Depot

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    Better Home and Gardens and The Home Depot In the current issue of Better Home and Gardens (BHG) magazine, published on October, 2004, there is an advertisement presenting how BHG and The Home Depot work together to provide new ideas and products. This is a win-win situation for both companies. Once know as “Fruit, Garden and Home”, the “Better Homes and Garden’s magazine (BGH) was first published in 1922. This magazine has become a trusted friend for over 82 years for America’s neighborhood. Better

  • Being A Better Health Role Model and Consumer

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    Being A Better Health Role Model and Consumer I feel it is very important to take care of yourself and a true responsibility to strive to be healthy. It is certainly something very personal, and that is what I really like about working towards this goal. There are not many short cuts and what you accomplish is usually measured in nothing more than hard work and proper habits. These habits are either natural to you or often times they are things that you have to acquire along the way. This

  • Self-Improvement: How Better to Improve You

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    “No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.” - Madonna. When you read this quote, you think of one word, “Self-improvement.” Just with this one topic, you may ponder and ask yourself, “Who needs Self-improvement?” ,“ When do we need to start changing and How do we begin?”,” What will we get from it?” , and the most important question of all, “Why do we need self-improvement?” Self improvement comes

  • Persuasive Essay: To Better Face Wash For Oily Skin

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    To better face wash for oily skin Sensitive clings to sensible. That is, if you believe that oily skin is a victim of endless problems, it's time to stop experimenting, and picking the right product. You know, you're not alone in your quest. When a range of beauty products confuse your sanity, you're bound to go wrong. In hopes of finding better results (or in many cases only the results), you are running a large number of products for the skin - facial washes, scrubs, moisturizer. To you be disappointed

  • Paragraph Development, Proof Reading, and Creating Better Introductions

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    writing is imperfect as well. There are many areas of the writing field that I have to work on, although I will mainly focus on three main points that need to be developed more than others, such as: Paragraph development, proofreading, and creating better introductions. First, the main thing in my writing that needs enhancement is paragraph development. Throughout my first semester in college I was given a series of essay to complete for my English composition class and time after time Professor Antenor

  • Environment Essay: Let's Make the World a Better Place to Live

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    our fellow creatures at a level not currently realized. While I have little specialized knowledge of the demographics of college's student body, it's probably safe to assume several things. We are wealthier, more educated, better fed, drink cleaner water, and have better access to information than most people in this world. We all also live in a country where we can do many things more safely and readily than most can elsewhere. We can write, speak, or visit our state and federal representatives

  • English Composition Class And How It Helped Me Better Myself As A Writer

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    The question of the day is how was Barbara Bileks English composition class and how it helped me better myself as a writer. The class overall was a very informative experience and I feel as I learned a lot. Whenever the class started I considered myself a mediocre at best writer and thought that I would never improve. However, Ms. Bilek taught me to become a better writer by using many techniques that I did not know existed. In high school, we were not taught how to write academically because to

  • The Better Business Bureau

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    The Better Business Bureau (BBB), the mark that we all look for when researching a business. We have come to trust this organization and most of us felt that the BBB was an impartial party that was formed and existed to help the buyer make an informed decision. The BBB, like any other company or organization has had its share of controversy over the years, whenever there is a human element, there is sometimes ethical challenges and people make the wrong decisions. Ethical issue intensity comes