Leadership Is The Key To Being An Effective Leader

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Effective leadership is one of the most valuable assets to the organization . A leader can be said as the head of the group or representative of the group. Therefore, all the groups do need leaders. An effective leader plays the important roles in family, organization, society, and country because most people live much of their lives in , Without an effective leader, the group will not achieve the goals that they set. However, being a leader is not a simple obligation to everyone. The concern now is how to be an effective leader? An effective leader should delegate wisely, acquire good communication skill, and set goals for their organization .
First and foremost, an effective leader should delegate tasks wisely to his teammates. The key to
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Communication skill is important to a leader because a leader needs to forward the informations. For instance, his teammates need to feel respected when they are given tasks to do by the leader. Therefore, a leader should give instructions politely instead of ordering. By doing so, others would have felt his sincerity towards them and thus willing to accept the given tasks and complete them cheerfully (John, 2006). Besides, a good communication skill is required to update the others with the latest information all the time effectively. A leader should always be able to get all the latest information and update his teammates all the time effectively to prevent any misinterpretation or undesired trouble for passing on the wrong information. It is an obligation for a quality leader to make sure his teammates get an accurately messages. This can avoid wasting time for a group work to be done. During a discussion with the teammates, a leader should not be arrogant but be polite and respectful all the time It is a leader’s duty to listen every teammate’s ideas contribution to the group. In this manner, the group can have a real discussion and the leader can take every idea into his consideration Simply rejecting the others may not be a wise decision. Therefore the leader should choose the word he uses wisely and carefully when he rejects or accepts one’s idea to prevent any misunderstanding among the…show more content…
Every group needs an effective leader to lead and motivate their group to reach the goals and achieve success. Leaders are made, not born. According to
Last but not least, being an effective leader is not a simple obligation so that we should make effort to learn and practice the skill to be an effective leader that should delegate wisely, acquire good communication skill, and set goals for their organization We should be an effective leader and make the important contributions to the group, family, organization, society, and country in the
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