Leadership: Philosophy And Philosophy Of Leadership Statement

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Philosophy of Leadership Statement The leadership is a privilege and it is such a privilege and an honor which will carry the tremendous responsibility which will inspire others to direct them to accomplish goals and vision of the organization. Leadership is about influencing the people, by producing direction, purpose and motivating in order to accomplish the mission, vision and improving the organization. The leadership philosophy is evolved based on the experiences, both positive and negative, in most of the initiatives and activities that we undertake. It is also one among the collaboration and teamwork within which the team members can utilize each other’s strengths to counter the weaknesses of the individuals. By observing, introspecting and experimenting we can developed a leadership paradigm which is inclusive, collaborative and proactive. We can develop the ability to recognize which will approach in order to reach the productive conclusion. The great leaders know their limitations and are capable at utilize their strengths and also the strengths of others to compensate. Leaders are the individuals who help to create options and opportunities. They help in identifying the choices and solve the problems. They build commitment and coalitions. Leaders do this by inspiring others and working along with them to construct the shared vision of the possibilities and commitments of a better group, organization or community. They engage the followers in such a way that most of the followers become leaders in their own right. The variety of demands of an increasingly complex world very often require that leadership be shared by most of the members of an organization, in appropriate ways for different situations. A leader is the on... ... middle of paper ... ... get rid of it: External challenges, normally arise from the people and the situations;  We have to proactive  We have to be creative  We have face it with conflict and directly  We have be objective oriented  We have work collaboratively Internal challenges, it will arise within ourselves;  We need to listen to others with patience  We have collect feedbacks  We should be aware what is going on around us Natural challenges, it will arise naturally from the role of leadership.  We need create mechanisms and review our vision as on when required  We have share our burden with individual or groups  We have to opt for a mutual support from whom we share your experiences with  We need dedicate time for ourselves and personal life If we apply any of the above stated strategies when we face the challenges, we can be effective, great and successful leaders.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they led the team and discussed the concept and the implementation of the shared vision.
  • Explains the importance of discussing with stakeholders and monitoring the development of each component of a development plan for alignment to the shared vision.
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