Walt Disney Transformational Leader

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A leader is needed to challenge current thinking, influence a transitional movement and lead a group of people to carry out the new ideas. A good leader is required for others to identify qualities within themselves that closely reflect the thoughts, beliefs and actions of those they choose to follow. Without good leaders there would be no forward motion amongst the human race as there would be no one to take charge and inspire revolutionary events.

Being a good leader does not imply that the person is good or their beliefs or values, it is a term used simply to describe someone who led an exceptional cause. Jim Jones, for instance, was a cult leader who conceptualised his ‘religion’ called People’s Temple. He was able to instil his beliefs and ideals into his followers, roughly one thousand individuals, and convince them that he could grant them Utopia if they devoted themselves to him. With …show more content…

Walt Disney was a transformational leader and used his professional life in the entertainment industry to indirectly affect change amongst the status quo of his era. His leadership skills were observed throughout his career, with his concepts for societal aspiration and inspiration for young children blatantly obvious in the choices of movies he elected to bring to life. His characters were memorable and demonstrated the epitome of morals, self-acceptance and acceptance of others regardless. Walt Disney was a great leader for children, for his characters were easy to connect to and their messages were always aimed at encouraging young children to be a better version of themselves. Disney allowed children to recognise their personal potential as far as morals, and ethics are concerned. Through his movies, Disney shaped generations and continues to lead children to exceed societal expectations, and not accept pre-conceived notions of what other people expect you to be capable

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