Importance Of Respect In Nursing Care

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In the video shown, it highlighted different issues and themes that relates to the nursing care. One theme evident that I found interesting and very important was the respect and maintenance of dignity of patients. Recently, respect for and the dignity of patients are both now highly considered globally since it has been discovered that many nurses neglect both of these aspects in the administration of nursing care (Dennis & Allen, 2009). First of all, respect for patients refers to how nurses treat a person with value, and needs as a person and not as an object (Wida ̈ng, 2002). On the other hand, integrity stands for the self-respect and self-worth of a person based on how others act and feel toward them. It also includes the concept of a person’s wholeness, which includes one’s inclination and moral ethics (Meyer, 2009). Consequently, it is impossible to uphold one’s dignity when nurses do not respect them as both terms work hand in hand (Betchel, 2011). Furthermore, respect and the maintenance of a patient’s dignity is essential for a better health outcome (Stern, 2006). Moreover, Beauchamp (as cited by Wida ̈ng, 2002) acknowledged that respect and integrity are both significant characteristics in ethical reasoning and the provision of nursing care. In this essay, the importance of the theme, which is the respect and maintenance of dignity of patients, to the patient care, the patient’s health outcome, and to the nurse will be discussed.

Maintaining the patient’s dignity and respecting them is one the duties and moral principles, which nurses have to uphold to provide quality holistic nursing care. To achieve this, there are several factors that nurses should be aware of, such as changing the environment that is comfortable a...

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... and evaluation.
In conclusion, respecting a patient when doing nursing care and maintaining their dignity is very important as it affects their health outcomes and help maintain and improve the standards and principles of nursing practice. Furthermore, the ANMC has formulated domains, specifically the Professional Practice domain, which guides nurses in their practice to provide holistic and quality nursing care that is done with respect and dignity. As a future registered nurse, I know that I need to be aware of this issue so that I can be considered a competent nurse. To do this, I need to be sensitive in carrying out my nursing interventions adequately and respectfully so that I can help maintain their dignities. Finally, I believe that the proper way to care for patients with respect and dignity is to take care of them as I would like to be taken care of.
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