The Importance Of Dignity In Nursing Care

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According to the Oxford Dictionary, dignity is “The state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect.” (Oxford Dictionary, 2017). Living a life of dignity is individual to each person, but regardless of who they are, or what illness they may be suffering from, they deserve dignity and respect in the way that they are cared for. The cornerstone of nursing care is providing dignity to our patients. The issue can arise when a patient chooses to end their life versus letting the disease or aging process take its natural course, and the individual beliefs that nurses feel about this very difficult topic.

In 1997, Oregon was the first state to pass the Death with Dignity Act, which is an “end-of-life option that allows certain terminally ill people to voluntarily and legally request and receive a prescription medication from their physician to hasten their death in a peaceful, humane, and
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The passing of this Act in Oregon, as well as in California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Vermont and Washington has created great debate among the medical community. The law requires a patient to be mentally
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