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Nursing process is an integral aspect of my job because it’s been utilized in all stages of my practice. Since assessment is part of each activity the nurse does for and with the patient. In effect, assessing is a continuous process carried out during all phases of the nursing process. It is important to note that the purpose of assessment is to establish a database about a client’s response to health concerns or illness in order to determine the nursing care needs.
Assessment: Immediately a new patient or worker arrives in the clinic. Pre-assessment is initiated. Here the nurse gathers patient’s biographical information, asks relevant questions regarding the patient’s state of health, what brought him to the clinic and if he/she has suffered any illness in the past of which he was hospitalized or admitted. The nurse also finds
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She identifies the outcome criteria, collects data from the patient so that conclusions can be drawn about whether goals have been reached. After the above have been carried out effectively, determining whether a goal has been achieved is relatively simple. Both the nurse and the client play active roles at this. The data collected are compared with established criteria.
The nursing process can be used in any career or by other professionals to evaluate a situation, establish goals, follow through with a plan and assess the effectiveness of their efforts
Nursing process can be applied in everyday situations nurses may face, whether at home or in the society. E.g creating a household budget, assisting a friend in making plan for their education or future career, planning a renovation project, organising school or fund raising.
Evaluating the quality of nursing care is an essential aspect of professional
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