Exploring the Diversity and Dynamics of Nursing

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Nursing Nursing is a profession within health care field. Nursing mainly focuses on personal, families as well as communities care in ensuring they maintain and recover their health (Aiken et al., 647). Nurses can be distinguished from other providers of health care by their training, practice as well as the approach towards patient care. Nursing involves the various diversity of practice with practice scopes and prescriber authority level. Traditionally, nurses provided health care in the supervision of physicians, but currently nurses are being observed as care providers. This paper is aimed at discussing the three main types of nursing, their daily duties, education, certification, salary, as well as job outlook. There are three types of The salary in this career mainly does not change by experience, but the most experienced individuals in the career earn only little more than those with least experience. According to Duchscher & Boychuk (1109), most of registered practical nurses are generalists and mainly work in different health care areas, while some work on specialized settings including in-home care as well as nursing homes. RPNs are allowed to provide care to dependent patients and to start intravenous fluids. According to (Home: Career Outlook), registered practical nurses are subjected to work on nights, weekends as well as holidays. The RPN’s can also face some occupational hazards when at work such as exposure towards radiation, infectious diseases as well as workplace They can be described as an advanced practice registered nurses who are mainly educated as well as trained to provide health maintenance and promotion for treating acute and chronic illness. Nurse practitioners are required to perform various duties on the daily basis including assessing patients, managing the psychosocial as well as physical health status of patients. They analyze the source of information, identify possibilities for health care problems and select, implement as well as evaluate appropriate treatment. Also, they diagnose, perform diagnostic as well as therapeutic processes, administer and dispense therapeutic measures such as medical devices and

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  • Explains that nursing is a profession within health care field. it focuses on personal, families, and communities care in ensuring they maintain and recover their health.
  • Explains that registered practical nurses (rpns) in many countries are referred to as nurses who provide care to individuals who are injured, disabled, sick as well as convalescent.
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