Equal Gender Pay Essay

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Women had suffered unfair pay in the workforce for years. Statistics have shown that men still earn more than women who have the same degree, education, and qualifications. Women are the main focus for the uneven and unequal share of low-wages in the United States. However, women have additional responsibilities from men that keep them out of the workforce longer which in return leads to discrimination. This research will introduce problems, solutions, and prove that there are alternatives for women. Correction of the Problem There are several solutions that businesses can adopt in correlation to equal gender pay. Some companies and businesses would not consider these solutions because they can be costly for the company. However, women would be more committed to their jobs if a company adopted and implemented several solutions. Solutions Reducing the wage gap in …show more content…

Paid maternity leave can be an economic burden for businesses and companies. Another con to executing maternity leave is that more people will take off. The cons for utilizing an all women union is that men will feel discriminated against. Also union dues and fees can be costly and expensive for under paid women in that union. Women of a union can experience less of a partnership with their supervisors. The cons of implementing workshops to assist employers is that some businesses would find it time consuming. They are concerned about productivity levels at work. Business owners may also be concerned about being consulted on their own business practices. Increasing the minimum wage standards would affect women drastically. Women would lose government benefits that they need to support their families. There are more women than men that depend on food stamps, TANF, and WIC from local state and government. The cost of losing benefits would also increase tax liability for people that can mostly afford the

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