Enzyme Lab Report Essay

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Background Research

Enzymes are very important parts of biology that allow many different chemical reactions in life to occur. An enzyme is a protein that acts as a catalyst to speed up chemical reactions. This process starts with with a substrate that is a molecule the enzyme is ,going to work on. The Substrate hooks onto the enzyme at the active site which is shaped specifically to a certain substrate shape. The process catalysis happens where the substrate is changed and when it breaks off the changes substrate becomes the product. In the end though, enzymes do not always work, they have certain ranges. Four things that can affect the enzyme reaction rate are temperature, activators, pH level, and inhibitors. The temperature and pH level …show more content…

My hypothesis was that the enzyme with the temperature closest to the average body temperature will react fastest. I would have to reject this hypothesis because the test tube with temperature 12 degrees celcius time was 1:05 and the test tube closest to the average body temperature 23 degrees celsius was timed at 3:07. In the end, test tube with temperature 12 degrees celcius had the quickest time and proved my hypothesis wrong. In lab 2 we were testing the enzyme reaction rate with different pH levels and my hypothesis was that the test tube with the pH level closest to neutral would react the fastest. The data collected said that the test tube with pH level 3.5 timed 3:56, pH level 9 tested 4:17, and pH level 7, tested 3:40. The pH level 7 reacted the fastest and proves my hypothesis that enzymes with pH levels closest to neutral will react …show more content…

Even though the data from Lab 1 says that the ideal temperature for enzyme reaction rate is 12 degrees celsius, our data was false. The optimal temperature is actual 37 degrees celsius, close to the average body temperature. Also the ideal pH level for enzyme activity is close to 7, just like in Lab 2 where the quickest time for enzyme reaction was for pH level 7. Overall, maintaining homeostasis, or a ideal environment for enzyme activity is very important for simple and complex reactions to occur in the body that keep us

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