Lab: Enzymes – Protein Catalysts

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Lab: Enzymes – Protein Catalysts Abstract: Enzymes are catalysts therefore we can state that they work to start a reaction or speed it up. The chemical transformed due to the enzyme (catalase) is known as the substrate. In this lab the chemical used was hydrogen peroxide because it can be broken down by catalase. The substrate in this lab would be hydrogen peroxide and the enzymes used will be catalase which is found in both potatoes and liver. This substrate will fill the active sites on the enzyme and the reaction will vary based on the concentration of both and the different factors in the experiment. Students placed either liver or potatoes in test tubes with the substrate and observed them at different temperatures as well as with different concentrations of the substrate. Upon reviewing observations, it can be concluded that liver contains the greater amount of catalase as its rates of reaction were greater than that of the potato. Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to explore the different factors which effect enzyme activity and the rates of reaction, such as particle size and temperature. Materials: “As per lab handout: Enzymes-Protein Catalysts” Method: “As per lab handout: Enzymes-Protein Catalysts” Observations: Liver and Potatoes will be placed in hydrogen peroxide in order to observe the reactions due to the enzyme, catalase, found in both. Discussion 1. Hydrogen peroxide is a liquid which contains hydrogen atoms as well as two oxygen atoms. The oxygen atoms are very strong oxidizing agents therefore in order to break this substrate down it must undergo oxidation. This can be done (David and John Free, 2006) 2. The size of particles plays an important role on the rate of enzyme re... ... middle of paper ... ...nt. Due to this observation we can conclude that there were no catalysts or enzymes present in the sand. References Birju Amin. (2003) Catalase. Retrieved on March 6, 20011, from David and John Free. (26 Nov 2006). MadSci Network: Chemistry. Retrieved on March 6, 2011, from J.Gunsch. (03 March 2011). What are enzymes?. Retrieved on March 6,2011, from Jim Clark. (2007). The effect of changing conditions in enzyme catalysis. Retrieved on March 6, 2001, from Unknown. (2007). The battle of liver and potato. Retrieved on March 6, 2011, from

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