Enzyme Concentration Lab Report

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According to the graph on amylase activity at various enzyme concentration (graph 1), the increase of enzyme dilution results in a slower decrease of amylose percentage. Looking at the graph, the amylose percentage decreases at a fast rate with the undiluted enzyme. However, the enzyme dilution with a concentration of 1:3 decreased at a slow rate over time. Additionally, the higher the enzyme dilution, the higher the amylose percentage. For example, in the graph it can be seen that the enzyme dilution with a 1:9 concentration increased over time. However, there is a drastic increase after four minutes, but this is most likely a result of the error that was encountered during the experiment. The undiluted enzyme and the enzyme dilution had a low amylose percentage because there was high enzyme activity. Also, there was an increase in amylose percentage with the enzyme dilution with a 1: 9 concentrations because there was low enzyme activity. …show more content…

However, the decrease varied depending on the temperature. The lowest temperature, 4 degrees Celsius, experienced a very low decrease of amylose percentage. Temperature at 22 degrees Celsius and 37 degrees Celsius, both had a drastic decrease in amylose percentage. While the highest temperature, 70 degrees Celsius, experienced an increase of amylose percentage. In conclusion, as the temperature increases the percentage of amylose decreases; however, if the temperature gets too high the percentage of amylose will begin to increase. The percentage of amylose increases at high temperatures because there is less enzyme activity at high temperatures. However, when the temperature is lower, more enzyme activity will be present, which results in the decrease of amylose percentage. This is why there is a decrease of amylose percentage in 4, 22, and 37 degrees Celsius. In this experiment the optimal temperature is 37 degrees Celsius, this is because this is the average human body temperature. Therefore, amylase works better at temperatures it is familiar

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