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Purpose: This lab gives the idea about the enzyme. We will do two different experiments. Enzyme is a protein that made of strings of amino acids and it is helping to produce chemical reactions in the quickest way. In the first experiment, we are testing water, sucrose solution, salt solution, and hydrogen peroxide to see which can increase the bubbles. So we can understand that enzyme producing chemical reactions in the speed. In the second experiment, we are using temperature of room, boiling water, refrigerator, and freezer to see what will effect the enzyme. Hypothesis: If a test tube filled with 3% hydrogen peroxide and catalase solution, the room temperature will increase the activity. Freezer, refrigerator, and boiling water will have …show more content…

I blended on high to make the potatoes more liquid-like. I grabbed the cheesecloth and placed on the top of the blender. I poured the potato extract on the container and labeled it. I found out that I have to make 1% sugar solution so I grabbed the sugar and measured into 5 grams on the scale. I added 5 grams of sugar on 250 ml graduated cylinder and poured the water into the cylinder. I mixed the sugar with water and poured it into the saucepan. I refilled the water into the graduated cylinder and poured into the saucepan. I turned on the heat of the stove and saw the sugar dissolved. I poured into a container and labeled 1% sugar solution. I repeated the same thing with 1% salt solution by using 1 gram of salt and filled the water into graduated cylinder by 100 ml. I answered question three. In the first experiment, I grabbed four transfer pipets and used it to put solutions into the test tubes by 3ml. I labeled it and placed into the plastic cups so it can stand upright. I grabbed each test tube and poured 2 ml of catalase solution into it. I also tapped and swirled to measure the bubbles by using the ruler. I wrote the numbers into the lab report. In the second experiment, I labeled the room

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