Diversity And Diversity In Management

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seminar and so on, in order to enjoy the working environment where different culture and believes meet. (Priscilla Dike, 2013)
Other related concepts
The process of intentional including issues of workforce diversity into management is called diversity management. Diversity management refers at least to three disciplines: human resources management, work law, marketing and change management, which mutually derive from their work. However, data collected from global surveys during ongoing downturn show that is first closely related to strategic management (Minchington, 2013, pp. 2–3).
The concept of diversity defines differences among people and also their similarities. The act of managing diversity requires that these two aspects be dealt with
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(2003) argued that conceptually, diversity management practices should be treated as a moderator of the association between diversity of human capital and performance outcomes. This argument is consistent with resource-based theory, which suggests that an organization must have the ability to utilize its resources in order to gain performance advantages (Barney & Clark, 2007). Kochanet al. (2003) report several findings supportive of the idea that diversity management practices help firms to derive value from a diverse employee base. Specifically, they found that training-focused HRM practices reduce the negative effect of racial diversity on constructive group processes. Diversity-focused HRM practices, a people-oriented organizational culture, and a customer-oriented business strategy enhance the positive effects of gender diversity on constructive group processes. A competitive organizational culture and growth-oriented business strategy negate the association between racial diversity and business unit performance, while an integration-and-learning approach to diversity management enhances the positive association between racial diversity and performance. (Yang et al.,…show more content…
It emphasize the opportunity to apply ones knowledge and need to learn and grow by so doing knowledge is meaningless unless there is opportunity to apply it and this is achieved through exposure. Human resource development as a theory is a framework for the expansion of human capital within an organization through the development of both the organization and individual to achieve performance improvement. Wikipedia, (2012). Adam Smith states “the capacities of individual depended on their access to education”.(Okoye et al.,
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