Diversity Management

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According to Kinicki, diversity represents the multitude of individual’s differences and similarities that exist among people. When developing a cultural diversity training program, one has to manage diversity with a new approach of inclusion and recognition. Managing diversity enables people to perform up to their maximum potential (Kinicki p. 111). As we analyze diversity, we will evaluate some common barriers and challenges in managing diversity. In developing a diversity program, we will analyze methods and procedures that will be apart of the program. Kinicki (p.*) says an important first step in overcoming these obstacles is for leaders to convey to their employees why the organization values diversity. There are some barriers that need to be addressed when implementing a diversity program. Through the programs rollout, employees will be informed that hiring diversity within the organization will not sacrifice the company’s quality and employee competency level. Career planning is essential in developing the diversity program and allows employees a roadmap to company’s senior level positions. By developing the plan, one knows that the company is committed to diversity. Working environment will be supportive and non hostile toward diverse employees. The plan will informed all employees that events posted on the company’s board will be all inclusive. Company sponsored events will have a committee that is well represented by all cultural backgrounds within the organization. Also, their will be heritage celebrations’ throughout the year to encourage all employees to learn their fellow employees cultural. In many companies, employees feel diversity ix not an organizational priority. Diversity has to be apart of... ... middle of paper ... ...der within the organization. Training and development is essential to employee’s retention, loyalty and overall satisfaction. When employees feel there is opportunity within a company and diversity leading the way employees pride and productivity is enhanced. Mentoring program becomes instrumental and breakdown barriers as employees are interacting and carrying out the organization’s vision. This allows employees to interact with employees of different cultures and backgrounds with the goal that one will learn more about the individual. Reward and recognition has to be promoted for small and large achievements. An effective reward’s program keeps employees engaged, dedicated, and committed to the organization. As discussed above, the active diversity program will have a model that is senior led and recognized as an initiative that is more than just words.

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