The Importance Of Cultural Diversity

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In my readings, I have agreed with the term for culture in the book?? Cultural Diversity?? written by Jerry V. Filled. It states that "One 's culture becomes one?s paradigm, defining what is real and what is right.? in other words culture is taught to children by family it is a variety of learned behaviors, beliefs, values, traditions etc. All of which help shape a person and is a huge portion of who they are. I have learned in this class that diversity is a number of traits that every person has that makes them an individual these traits can be ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, age etc. It is important to stay open with diversity realizing it gives one individuality and is a good thing and people need to become aware of this and keep an open mind. Four diverse aspects that I obtain are living with a disability ; this is a big aspect of my life because it has affected every decision and direction I have taken in my life. The second is education this has affected my personal view about myself and how people have viewed me on an education level because of my epilepsy it put me behind my classmates and being the student that 's behind and being able to attend college and get an associate 's degree and …show more content…

So many lessons and skills can be learned from the topic of diversity. Learning about different cultures and diversity can strengthen a child 's sense of self as well as the sense of others.Keeping diversity in class can also educate the children on the differences in the different cultures in the world. This allows them to see different living conditions, taste different foods,and experience different traditions. A final reason to keep diversity in the classroom is in doing so betters the teacher being self-aware of diversity can prevent any bias acts being taken in the class. It reminds the teachers to stay open minded and equal toward any and every student that is getting an

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