Communication Is An Essential Components For Effective Communication

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Group 4 Forum Five – Group Summary Communication is an essential component for effective leadership and management. Without it, the organization will struggle carry out their mission. Simply communicating is not enough. Effective communication hinges on the clarity of the message. As Popovic and Hocenski (2009) stated, a “Leader must be able to communicate clearly to others in a language that they can understand on all levels in an organization, from the most unskilled worker through to the Chief Executive” (pp. 15-16). There are a lot of elements that can affect one’s ability to accomplish that. A small, but distinctly important, few are discussed in the following paragraphs.
Topic Introduction – Interpersonal and Organizational
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Communication, in either the interpersonal or organizational form, involves more than words and effects many facets of life, including one’s professional identity. The importance is clear, but what is often overlooked are the many components of effective communication and the many barriers that could possibly present themselves as well.
Group Consensus of Three Concepts In Organizational Management and Leadership: A Christian Perspective, Satterlee (2013) takes on that very task and emerges with three important concepts that stand above the others. They are the communication process, professional presentations, and business etiquette. First-rate communication skills are a prerequisite to success and the following three concepts help to lay a strong foundation in understating exactly what successful interpersonal and organizational communication entails (Satterlee, 2013).
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Etiquette is a very important aspect of a business and the leaders are expected to know proper forms of etiquette in the office, within emails, while dining, and at business meetings. Electronic communication has become the most widely used tool in business and because of that email etiquette is a vital subset of business etiquette. Satterlee (2013) says that there are several basic rules of etiquette when sending an email. One of the most common errors of email etiquette is hitting the “reply all” button. People also at times fail to include a subject line in the message of their email. Finally, when practice proper business and email etiquette you should never send an email written in all caps because of the fact that this is thought of as screaming at the

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