Employee Interpersonal Communication: Geraldine Hynes

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Peer Review Qualitative Study

The first qualitative study to be reviewed is a research study conducted by Geraldine Hynes in 2012. The topic of this research study was employee interpersonal communication. Hynes specifically wanted to provide evidence of how interpersonal communication between employees impacted the organization. More importantly, Hynes wanted answer the problem of minimizing poor interpersonal communication. The purpose of the study was to identify key way in which employee interpersonal communication could be improved.

The design of the research study was vast and included data collection of 238 case studies of professionals in seven different companies within three different industries. The researchers tracked the psychological state of each participant daily for two years and this was recorded through the use of an electronic diary. These diary entries were coded into categories of varying “inner work lives” and clustered based on similarities. These inner work lives were established based on perceptions, emotions, and motivations that the participants experienced throughout their workday.

The findings of the study were influential on the problem identified for the qualitative study. The data showed that employees’ inner work lives did influence individual performance. This was based on four dimensions: creativity, productivity, work commitment, and collegiality (Hynes, 2012, p. 467). These findings were not surprising to the research community but did provide a foundation of data that could be used to substantiate such claims. The findings follow that of the motivational theory developed by Herzberg in 1968 that identified the notion that motivation was not significantly tied to pay and b...

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