Burger King Ad Analysis Essay

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1) Claim: This is a Burger King advertisement that ran in Singapore in 2010. This argument is attempting to state the claim that eating this sandwich from Burger King will be very tasty. This ad is using a combination of visual aids and words to help reinforce a feeling of sexual innuendo, the Burger King Corporation wants to provoke from their audience. The Burger King Company created this sandwich ad to be very sexual. This advertisement company is using their visual aids to show a wide eyed woman wearing bright red lip stick, her mouth is wide open with a male anatomy shaped sub sandwich right in front of her open mouth. This company also place sexually implied words and sentences in their slogans. For example, super seven incher, It’ll blow your mind away, fill your desire for something long and juicy, yearn for more after you taste. This is highly sexual for a food advertisement. Burger King is advertising this BK super seven incher implying that eating this burger will fill all your desire and have you wanting more. This advertisement company wants you to believe than eating this burger is better than, or comparable to sex.

2) Appeals: This ad is attempting to target the adult male audience by using sexual innuendo. Although …show more content…

Ethos helps us determine if what we are reading have any credibility. I observed this because the advertisement seems to be more entertaining than informational. So the words in this advertisement aren’t trying to educate the audience on anything but, the words and sentences are created to entertain and persuade the viewer to buy the product, and once you buy it you will want more. I also feel like the use of ethos in this advertisement was weak because the creator of the advertisement didn’t target his audience correctly. People of all ages and sex eat burger king, but I feel like whom ever created this ad was trying to target a certain adult male audience, while offending their other

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