Pepsi Advertising Analysis

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Ethos, pathos, and logos are ways that an artist or an advertisement use in order to effectively persuade or convince readers to buy their product. Ethos is used to convince audiences that an ad is credibly and that people can believe what they reading. Pathos is when an artist or advertisement try to appeal to the consumer’s emotional state. Finally, logos is trying to convince buyers to purchase their product by using logic or reasoning. By analyzing the use of ethical, emotion, and logical appeal, we can compare and contrast a Pepsi ad and a Coca Cola advertisement. Ethos is used to show that an advertisement is credibly and worth listening to. This can be done by an ads chose of language or remaining fair and unbiased in one’s ad. First, the Pepsi ad uses high school level vocabulary in order to make the ad easier to understand. Many consumers have graduated high school, so this is the appropriate vocabulary to use. However, the Pepsi ad contains biased information. The ad is all for Pepsi and wants buyers to purchase their product over every other soda; just because Pepsi has donated millions of dollars to fund hundreds of ideas. The ad should try and remain…show more content…
This is the final way that ads use to influence audiences to buy their product over another. The Pepsi ad provides a website that onlookers may visit if they wish to learn more about the “Pepsi Refresh Project.” By citing this website the ad has appealed to audience’s logical reasoning. However, unlike the Pepsi ad, the coke ad provides its fact on the advertisement. The ad informs readers that coca cola has been around for over 84 years. This is a better way to appeal to a person logical understanding, because the information is right there, and they do not have to go to a website to find information about the product. Overall, both advertisements provide information about their product in an attempt to persuade audiences to buy either Pepsi or Coca
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