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  • Understanding Human Sexual Behavior

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    A fundamental step for understanding the links between human nature and intimate relationships is by understanding human sexuality. Alfred Kinsey, in his pioneering study on human sexual behaviour, illustrated the degree to which individuals differ in their sexual attitudes, beliefs and preferences (Kinsey, Pomeroy & Martin, 1948). In particular, a marked difference was highlighted in individuals’ sociosexual attitudes and behaviours. Following this, many of the sociosexual features individuals differ

  • Theories Of Sexual Normality

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    Sexual normality implies the innate amalgamation of one’s sexual drive, or libido, with a predetermined sexual goal, i.e., copulation. This ossified concept of normality produces a fragmentary view of sexual theory. Therefore, normality is not necessary or sufficient for sexuality; human sexuality is individual, not universal. An innate association of sexual drive with a specific sexual goal is incompatible with a comprehensive examination of human sexuality. As mentioned above, sexual normality

  • Alfred Kinsey Research Papers

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    articles, was an openness man determined to discover and reveal the truth behind the sexual behaviors of the American population. Moreover, he challenged beliefs regarding human sexuality. Being knowledgeable about sex was viewed as something immoral; a topic only a physician was to talk about simply because they knew body parts. In fact, people had no idea what masturbation meant or what being “normal” during sexual activity was. Even though, Kinsey’s scientific research was conducted within the United

  • Importance Of Bonobo

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    primate patterns and behaviors, most importantly, in relation to human behavior and social interaction. There is one primate that single-handedly relates to humans in terms of human characteristics such as sexual behavior, how they handle aggression, their psychological demeanor, movement, and socialization. The pygmy chimpanzee, also known as the bonobo, is this particular primate. The bonobo is known for their ability to resolve problems with in their life through sexual intercourse. I chose

  • Understanding Sexual Addiction

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    makes the human brain as fascinating as it is. The human brain is quite beautiful; unfortunately, biochemical or other brain changes can alter proper functioning of the human brain, leading to mental disorders or diseases. Sexual addiction, although not always recognized, is a severe condition which affects many. Sexual addiction should be widely acknowledged as a severe issue because of its impact on the addict's nervous system, the root of its development, and its relevance to human behavior. What

  • Love And Companionate Love

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    There are some needs for us a humans to be in relationships. The first one is humans are a social species. We as humans feel the need to belong, which means there is a human desire to develop and maintain social ties. It has also been shown that having quality romantic relationships lead to better health and quality. So what is love? It is a set of cognitions, emotions, and behaviors observed in an intimate relationship. There are two subtypes of love, passionate and companionate. Passionate love

  • Examples Of Human Sexuality Nature Vs Nurture

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    Human Sexuality- Nature Vs. Nurture? There is floods evidence to support that there is a genetic and not a psychological link to homosexual behavior, and there is just as much arguments from the other side that states that homosexuality is all based around environment that the person lives in an the people that the person is around. Nature Nature is referred to those qualities in a human that are inbuilt, better said it is inherent. Sexuality according to the views of nature, it is simply the result

  • Perversion

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    Dermott O'Flanagan Sexual Ethics Paper The issues of sexual ethics in relation to morality and perversion have been addressed in depth by each of the gentleman at this table. Sexual activity as described by Solomon and Nagle is comprised of a moral standard and ‘naturalness’ aspect. So, in claiming an act is perverted we must first examine it through a moral framework and understand how this interacts with the ‘naturalness’ of a particular act. Solomon makes the distinction as follows “Perversion

  • An Analysis Of Joan Didion's Santa Ana

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    are the only ones that commit these sexual offenses, they fail to recognize that women can sexually abuse men as well. Sexual predators are not easily found in a group of people. They look just like everybody else which makes it so hard to spot them. This paper will analyze a person after they’ve been sexually abused, and how that affects their human behavior and how it ties to Joan Didion's, Santa Ana. Sexual abuse is the act of forcing someone into sexual activity or taking advantage of a person

  • Theories, Assessment, and Treatment of Sex Offenders

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    legal definition, a sex offender “is a person who is convicted of a sexual offense (Sex Offender Law & Legal Definition),” an act which is prohibited by the jurisdiction. What constitutes as a sex offense or normal/abnormal sexual behavior varies over time and place, meaning that it also varies by legal jurisdiction and culture. In the United States of America, for example, a person can be convicted of wide range of sexual behavior that includes prostitution, incest, sex with a minor, rape, and other

  • Sexual Relationships Essay

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    Social and sexual relationships are fundamentally essential to human life. The myth whether or not older people are rarely sexual or rarely engage in sexual behavior is more of a myth. Every human being on earth is unique, and people experience similarities in life, but overall people age differently. Men and women have varying sexual behaviors and with age, the need and want for coitus decreases, but intimacy is still present. There are several factors that go into how sexual active an older person

  • Human Sexuality Sparknotes

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    Human Sexuality provides readers with a comprehensive knowledge on varying areas encompassing human sexuality through use of an inclusive sex positivist approach. The content of each chapter in this book is presented in a nonjudgmental manner and represents modern sexuality issues encountered by individuals of different sexual orientation. Additionally, each chapter is supplemented with a practically speaking, think about it, discussion questions, summary, suggested websites and suggested reading

  • The Other Side Of Desire By Daniel Bergner

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    apprehension of sexual arousal and sexual behaviors is conceptualized into normality

  • Sexuality Reflection

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    1. a. I showed growth in the third learning outcome of this course: Utilize skills for accessing and appraising research-based information. When I began this course, I hadn’t realized different it was accessing and appraising articles covering human sexuality compared to other topics, and how difficult it could be to differentiate reputable sources. This sticks outcome sticks out to me because when I was finding articles for the assignments and blogs, I found it quite difficult to target an authentic

  • Essay On Human Sexuality

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    Sexual intercourse is a biological imperative for all animals, including humans, as it ensures the survival of the species by passing on favorable genes to the next generation. However, human sexuality is much more complex than mere reproduction. Humans are rational and social beings with emotions, beliefs, and behaviors that are influenced by both biological and cultural factors. Sexual behaviors are entangled in this web of complexity, making human relationships extremely complicated and easily

  • Sexual Imorality

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    Corinthians and Confessions, sexual immorality is a prominent issue on which both Paul and Augustine spent long lengths— Paul made numerous warning to people not to be immoral and Augustine was regretful about his adolescence years for having too many immoral sexual behabior. According to these two authors, sexual immorality is defined as any sexual experiences without getting married and is often known as adultery. Even though they share the same definition for sexual immorality, they differ from

  • The Impact of the Sexual Revolution on Choices Related to Sex

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    the study and discovery of human life and development, the inquiry of sexual development and behavior has greatly changed and impacted the course of human history. Human sexuality refers to “sex, gender identities and roles, sexual orientation, eroticism, pleasure, intimacy and reproduction. It is experienced and expressed in thoughts, fantasies, desires, beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviors, practices, roles and relationships.” (WHO, 2006a) The major shift towards human sexuality in America began

  • Sexual Behavior

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    actually ruin ones life. Sex can become compulsive, Like most behaviors, sex can be taken to its obsessive & compulsive extremes. Sexual obsessions & compulsions are recurrent, distressing & interfere with daily functioning. Many people suffer with these problems but finding consensus about them among sexual scientists or treatment professionals is not easy. This makes it more difficult for those suffering from compulsive sexual behavior (CSB) to get the appropriate help they need. 2There are different

  • Pololygamy: The Latest Sexual Revolution: Polyamory

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    The Latest Sexual Revolution: Polyamory There is one day out of the year when you see sights of couples everywhere: Valentine’s Day. You see individuals out in stores buying roses, large teddy bears and grabbing the last remaining chocolate candy boxes that are left on the shelves. But if you are imagining a man and a woman as the couple you’re visioning, you are in for a surprise. A man and a woman isn’t the only way to go through life as how a couple should look. In fact, it is estimated over 100

  • Sexual Addiction Management Essay

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    Management of Sexual Addiction Introduction Sexual addiction is also known as hyper-sexuality, and it refers to compulsive engagement or participation in sexuality regardless of the negative consequences. Notably, sexual addiction is also known as compulsive sexual behavior, which is an evolving psychiatric disorder that causes significant psychiatric and medical consequences. Sexual abuse is forcing undesired sexual behavior on one person or another. A form of this could be child molestation. Sexual abuse