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  • The Audience and Writing

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    The Audience and Writing Audience. Just one word yet it stirs frighteningly confusing images of perplexing thoughts in my mind. The word alone is strange, but when put in context of an essay it leaves me baffled and frustrated[d1] . The questions; “What is Audience?” “Why do I need it?” and, “What purpose does it serve?” are important to my finally some day understanding the concept of Audience, but at this point I can’t answer them fully[d2] . I can grasp the understanding of all the

  • The Audience Unveiled

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    The Audience Unveiled The value of a book depends on the audience. The audience values in a book what is useful. But what is useful to a writer may be junk to those who don’t care to write. I am a writer. I can use a book that gives lessons in writing, a book that helps me write better. I don’t find a book on dry-wall installation useful; it may be entertaining, but entertaining is not useful. A useful book is important where an entertaining book is insignificant. However, one book may

  • Audience Analysis

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    Audience Analysis 1 In this audience analysis, I have addressed a situation in which I am called on to present quarterly sales information at an in-person meeting to a group of stakeholders, including managers, salespeople, and customers. I will explain how I will address the communication to this audience by answering the following questions: (1) What characteristics of the audience must I consider?, (2) What communication channels are appropriate? (3) What are some considerations

  • Audiences of the Media

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    Audiences of the Media Introduction ------------ · It would be unusual for any of us living in a contemporary western society to go throughout a day without encountering some form of mass media. · This is not surprising. The media is directed at us, we are its audience. · There seem to be 3 important questions: o Does the media affect our behaviour or beliefs? o If it does produce an effect how can this be explained and measured? o To what extent do we ignore or subvert

  • Media Focuses on the Audience

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    it was proposed in another way round. According to uses and gratification theory, it suggests that the media user is not passive but takes an active role in selecting and using the media in their own life. In other words, it focuses more on the audiences, rather than the effect of media to the society (Dimbleby & Burton, 1998) In addition, it suggests that we can quite in trying to satisfy that need. the media users select a media source in order to meet their needs and gratification. Therefore,

  • Audience Research

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    Definition of Research Research plays a critical role in decision making. It provides information that helps individuals at the agency and client better understand their product and target audience, the marketing environment, and the effectiveness of the product's advertising and media placement. Research helps inform advertisers' judgement so that they can identify their range of option and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each option. Primary research -It is first-hand research

  • Advertising Lingerie For Male And Female Audiences

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    between advertising lingerie for both male and female audiences. Commercials of focus are Primark’s Valentine’s Day campaign called 'For every side of you ' (see Figure 1.) and Justin Bieber’s photo shoot for Calvin Klein (see Figure 2.). Both brands are well – known, nonetheless their profile and target groups are slightly different, mainly because of price range, thus associations created by their campaign can be seen variously, depending on audiences’ status, gender, age, experience and many other

  • Attracting and Keeping the Radio Audience

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    the radio audience. Attracting and keeping an audience is an important aspect to any media platform, including radio shows, it guarantees the protection of the show for the long run, fuelled by the quantity of its listeners. 91% of the population tune into radio every week (Rajar, 2013) but radio shows rely on content, presenters and multiplatform services to keep audiences and draw them to their show. To engage and entertain is to attract an audience but in order to keep that audience, up to date

  • 6 Way to Grab Your Audience

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    The purpose of the memo is to summary the article Six Ways to Grab Your Audience Right from the Start and the perceptions that I learned from it. It is vital that the first moments of your presentation grab your audience attention. Not only does a great introduction provide an overview of what will be discussed, but it should also convince the audience that your presentation would be relevant. There are six ways to grab audience attention. Summary of Main Points „X     Make it personal Never lose

  • Joshua Ketchmark Releases His Audience

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    Joshua Ketchmark Releases His Audience Joshua Ketchmark hits the mark with audiences by making his songs personal. The deep connection he shares with his crowd is intimate and respected. He feels a natural bond with his listeners and appreciates their input in all stages of a song’s production. When the stage lights go on his natural instincts come into play which draws in people passing by. He knows when to flick the internal musical switch without planning out the live show. Ketchmark is preparing