Biomedical Science Essay

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I have always been captivated by the human body and how it is designed with complete precision. The complex communication between cells, fascinating defense mechanisms against disease and the ability that the human body has to heal itself are explaining how it is a world in itself. I am really happy about the prospect of exploring further into this interesting world. I have been always interested to understand and deeper my knowledge about how the body act in both healthy and diseased states. Working in laboratories has always been interesting to me, as it is the place where you can investigate deeper into discovering how things work and why they work in the way they do. So I think studying Biomedical science as an undergraduate degree is the right choice for me because it allows me to work in labs and research in the same time. What also attracts about Biomedical science is the diversity of the course as it allows you to specialize in different areas such as microbiology, pharmacology and also genetics.
To me being a biomedical scientist is a privileged position, because it allows m...
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