Human Body Organs Essay

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The trade in organs for transplantation is a growing moral and ethical issue that is facing society today. The demand for body parts outstrips supply and this situation has given rise to calls for organ trade to be legalized and therefore properly regulated.

I believe the trade in human body organs is critical to human dignity for a variety of reasons. Dignity is concerned with the feelings of people, their thoughts and behavior in relation to the worth of themselves and others (Royal College of Nursing, 2008). People have and ought to treat each other with dignity just by virtue of being a member of the human race and based on possession of one or more human capabilities. Human can either possess or lose dignity through a sense of self worth and through moral or immoral behavior. Firstly, the trade in human organs has traditionally been seen as being ethically and morally reprehensible. This is because such a trade is considered to be violating human rights and human dignity. Treating body parts as being subject of commercial transactions violates the self-worthiness of organ sellers as they are reduced to being commodities. Their dignity is further eroded by the fact that their social circumstances give them no option but to sell their organs to improve their lives. Secondly, from the perspective of the person requiring an organ, organ trade will enhance their dignity. Someone who does not have functioning kidneys, for example, will have his or her self-worth reduced as they may be considered less of a human as he or she lacks an essential part of human capacity. In this case the person will be forced to lead a life of constant dialysis which reduces his or her autonomy. Thirdly, the organ trade saves lives. Kidneys because th...

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...her it is not a noble dignity enhancing thing to allow organ sales is there is potential to save lives.

Organ trading is an issue where human dignity is a critical factor because it goes against the social norms such as morality that govern people’s lives. The issue was explored by considering two perspectives to organ trading, that is, the first perspective advocates for allowing a regulated trade in human body organs whilst the second perspective seeks to ban human organ trading. The essay illustrates the importance of considering human dignity as being multidimensional as humans are rational and spiritual beings who live in social settings, have interpersonal relationships, and have moral standards that have evolved over generations. Therefore, any attempts to increase the supply of human body organs have to evaluate the effects of such measures on human dignity
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