Biochemist Essay

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Biochemists are scientists who study the chemistry that is relate to the biological organisms. According to State university website “Their work includes studying the complex chemical combinations and reactions involved in metabolism, reproduction, growth, and heredity.” Biochemists have a verity of career positions or work environment where they can find themselves in. “Some biochemists study the body’s immune response to germs and allergens or the effectiveness of drugs in treating a wide array of afflictions. Other biochemists work in the commercial food or agricultural field looking for ways to improve products and crops” (Guide to Biochemistry Careers, 2013). Biochemists function in the medical field to help in the diagnosis of various manageable diseases by analyzing body fluids, urine and blood. These biochemists work in a pathological team or as a biochemical scientist in various hospitals and chemical pathology laboratory (Clinical biochemistry, n.d.). Biochemists analyze changes that occur in the biochemical structure of the human body to diagnose the disease and therapy, used to treat the biochemical change. Changes that occur in the human body, as a result of diseases, can be detected with the help of various techniques that find alteration in the blood, level of enzymes and its activities. Biochemists help in analyzing therapies and other clinical methods that can be used by doctors to treat such diseases (Clinical Biochemistry/ Clinical Biochemist, n.d.).
Biochemistry is considered as a component of science, which has originated in recent years. ‘Biochimie’ is a term, introduced in the year 1877 by German scientists Hoppe-Seyler with two enormous ideas of vitalism and generation of living cell enormously. According ...

... middle of paper ... degree and probably with the same major course. Despite how hard this major is there’s still the best thing with it like having the high salary, dealing with chemicals and understanding how everything works.
Biochemistry is in a lot of fields and almost in every area in our life. But what is important here is HealthCare system; biochemists work in private industry, large hospitals, and medical centers. Some new improvements in biochemistry have commercial applications, especially in the growing genetic building field (Biochemist Job Description, 2014). “Increased public awareness and interest in preserving the environment and finding cures for such diseases as AIDS, cancer, and heart disease” (Biochemist Job Description, 2014). All of these are health related jobs that biochemists are involved in and showing how biochemistry is integrities with healthcare system.
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