An Essay On The Skeletal System

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Your body has about 10 systems that work together to complete a human being. This is studied by a branch of biology called anatomy. Anatomy is the study of body structures of humans, animals, and other living organisms. There are different types of anatomy like human anatomy, zootomy anatomy (animal), and phytotomy anatomy (plant) (Nordqvist, Christian, “What Is Anatomy?”). Students who plan to become part of the medical field are required to take anatomy along with biochemistry. Biochemistry is the study of chemical reactions inside the body. Doctors, pharmacists, and physicians are required to take many other biology and chemistry classes, but anatomy and biochemistry are the two major subjects studied to join the medical field. Without these courses a doctor, a pharmacist, or a physician would not know the basics of a human structure, the reactions and acids inside a human’s body. To become part of the medical field it is mandatory to study anatomy and have knowledge of each of the systems along with biochemistry.
One of the human anatomy system supplies humans’ structure and development. This system is the skeletal system. The skeletal system in the body provides with the shape, support, and movement of the body, and protects its organs. The bones in the humans body protect it with and supports its organs from any external force acted upon it. The major organs such as the heart and the brain are supported and protected by bones. The ribs in the body form a cage to support and protect the heart. While similarly, the skull supports and protects the brain from any external force. The skeletal system provides movement because of the way the bones are attached to the joints, muscles, tendons, or ligaments allowing the body to move...

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.... Without these systems humans would be extinct, because these systems provide humans the nutrients, energy, oxygen, and many other substances that humans cannot live without. All these systems and functions work together as a whole. Biochemistry helps develop medicine and medicine is used every day in life. Without medicine many diseases and flus would not be cured. But not everyone catches or has the same types of diseases or flus, therefore biochemists developed different medication for different bodies and flus. But it is in the hands of the doctors, pharmacists, or the physician’s to prescribe the right medication for the patient, and this is taught in biochemistry. Therefore a student who wants join to the medical field should study human anatomy so the he/she is aware of the human structure. And also study biochemistry to have strong knowledge in medicine.

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