The Healing Power of the Body

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Although we might not all agree on whoever or whatever created the human body, I think we can all agree it is an amazing, self-functioning machine. The ability of the body to maintain a healthy status quo and to heal itself without input is unlike any man made machine in existence. However, with today’s society wanting more and at an ever accelerating rate, the incredible inventions of doctors, engineers and scientists have that work in conjunction with the body to heal is truly amazing. Despite the body’s talent to heal subconsciously, it turns out there is many ways we can affect the process with our current health, both positive and negatively. The human body has programmed ways to recoup and revive damaged cells but in an ever changing world there are many things we can do externally and internally to affect the body’s already amazing process. When a child falls and scraps their knee or gets a cut in his or her hand, their first conscious instinct is to cry and run to the nearest parent, however their body’s first instinct is to contain and coagulate the blood. Even as adults, people never have to sit there after getting a paper cut and think, “Ok body, coagulate!” The body jumps into action automatically and without any prompting from our conscious mind. In a typical wound, the body goes through four stages; hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling. ( In hemostasis, the skin constricts and a clot forms. Once the cut has coagulated, the inflammation cells enter the wound and remove invading microbes and debris. The proliferation phase overlaps with the inflammation phase to rebuild collagen and granulation tissue so a scab will appear. The ... ... middle of paper ... ...dmother, everyone wants to get the most of their life and at the best quality. There is so many ways to enjoy life and being held back by any preventable health issue such as a chronic wound would stop people from living up to their potential. Now I know you must be thinking that it is a simple wound that we are discussing here but it is more than that. Learning about and appreciating our body helps us to live a better, more fulfilling life and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want that. Works Cited DiPietro, L. A., and S. J. Guo. n. page. . (DiPietro, and Guo) Manring, . N.p.. Web. 11 Feb 2014. . (Manring) . N.p.. Web. 11 Feb 2014. . (“Diabetes and Wound Healing”)

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