Why I Want to Become a Biologist

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Whenever asked what my favourite subject is, Biology has been, and will always be, my only answer. It was bewildering to compare my body to a machine working harmoniously. The digestive system, the respiratory system and the circulatory system are coordinating with each other right underneath my skin. Realising that the 'blue lines' visible beneath the flesh of my hands are actually veins carrying deoxygenated blood fueled my desire to know more about how my body functions. To me, it has always been about getting to know my self better.
To excel in the field of Biology is not merely my dream, but my passion. I have started on this path of never-ending discovery and I want to master this science. It would not be unjustifying to state that the world is a better place today because of the advances in biological sciences. It truly promises to be an ever-advancing profession on this planet where better cures are required for freshly determined diseases on a day-to-day basis. Gene Technology and Biotechnology are a boon to this world. Putting microorganisms to use in the formation of insu...
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