Early Childhood Education And Future Success Essay

Early Childhood Education And Future Success Essay

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Early Childhood Education and Future Success
“Children in the developmental phase of early childhood are tangible and dynamic learners”(Haider, 2013, p140). Children around the age of birth to five are like sponges they absorb everything they hear and see other people doing, therefore it is better to start these programs early so they are actually taught how to communicate, interact, and deal with different things they are presented with before starting school. These programs have been around for over seventy years, with the goals of creating a foundation for learning and preparing kids for starting school. Early childhood education is beneficial because it helps students have a successful future.
Early childhood education is crucial to establish an education foundation throughout a young child’s life. These programs are usually for kids ranging from birth to about the age of five. Haider (2013) states that early childhood education is an “important aspect of a child’s education with respect to their developmental progress”(p139). Haider is right about this type of education being an important aspect to their development because if children do not attend these programs then they more likely to not have certain skills and abilities that get them ready for school. It gets the children ready for elementary school and teaches them the correct way to interact with other kids. A child cannot be cooped up in a house until it is time for them to start kindergarten. In the article a study of early childhood education programs, Neelima Chopra says “it is imperative for every child to get the opportunity to develop in a stimulating environment”(2012, p159). All kids should get the chance to learn in a classroom where there are visuals, and...

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...n skills, increased social competence, and higher intellectual curiosity” (p405).
“children who participate in these programs were able to maintain an independent living style more effectively”(Swick, 2009, p405).
In conclusion, there are many ways that early childhood education can be beneficial. These programs help with communication skills, parental-child interaction, socialization, and much more. “Stimulating environments are a must for healthy childhood development as are personal, family, home, learning, and community settings are all crucial”(Haider,2013,p143). Everything children are around has an influence on them, even the smallest things. Children who attend these programs are more likely to be successful because it shapes them into the person they are supposed to be. Early childhood education is key to future success in a person’s life.

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