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  • The Hurried Child

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    also take charge of the mental condition of the next generation. The term “hurried child syndrome” is defined by the Urban Dictionary as “a condition in which parents overschedule their children's lives, push them hard for academic success, and expect them to behave and react as miniature adults.” This fairly new issue was first proposed by child psychologist David Elkind in 2007. Elkind’s book “The Hurried Child” clearly shows his concern for the next generation and what the word “childhood” has

  • The Child Consumer

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    The image on the cover of Ed Mayo’s influential “Consumer Kids” (2009) (see Fig. 1) draws our attention to the controversial child consumer identity, which has formed the focus of a flurry of popular critical publications about children and consumerism in recent years (Klein 2001, Linn 2004, Schor 2004). The visual depiction of the child fulfilling and detained in his consumerist role captures the common concern that children have been trapped in compulsive consumerism. Cook’s (2008) study of children

  • Child Soldier

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    violence and target killing. Because of the kids participating in the war, they do not get to have a chance at life. Child soldiers have unique health problems. Youths and teenagers utilize their energy to destroy humanity through weapons. Although, the contribution of children may help in the war, the environment has negative effects on youth and kids. Therefore, the use of child soldiers must stop throughout the world. Firstly, kids do not get to have a chance at life. What is life? It is a gift

  • child soldiers

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    Children recruited by armed groups tend to be among the poorest and least educated in society. Groups seeking to recruit children often target orphans, refugees, religious or ethnic minorities, and other groups that do not have viable economic or social opportunities. The most frequent method of recruitment is through abduction. “During their abduction children may be beaten, raped, tortured, or forced to carry out acts of violence against family members to avoid being killed themselves.” (Machel

  • Child Labour

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    Child Labour Ladies and Gentlemen, I have an issue to raise your awareness of the disturbing events that were going on in India. Child Labour is one of the most important issues in the world. It is an issue that is worth knowing about because it is the fastest and most effective way of destroying the world's children and you will know soon. It is when children are being exploited and being forced to do heavy work, they do not receive any education and all this should be heard with open

  • Child Trauma

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    Child Trauma Children experience trauma in different ways and most importantly through different eyes. A child’s temperament and personality can effect the traumatic outcome (if one) for the child. Reactions to trauma may appear immediately after the traumatic event or days or even weeks later. The symptoms of the traumatic reactions may be very individual and depend on the age of the child. Very young children typically have a strong fear of being separated from their parents. They

  • child labor

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    Child labor is inhumane and many children all over the world are being forced to work long hours without pay and in dangerous conditions. Child labor exists because of the high rates of unemployment and in countries where you find civil war. Many children work in such places such as factories, sweatshops, mines, fields, hotels, or in households as servants. Forced child labor should be illegal because it is against human rights and takes away the innocence of children who will grow up with little

  • child labor

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    some developing countries these rights are not always protected. Older, manipulative adults are taking advantage of children to make a profit for themselves. This is known as child labor, and it happens much more than many people realize. Child labor is corrupt and there is no place for it in our modern world today. Child labor happens all around the globe. In the United States there were children at the age of 15 years and younger working in factories, machinery and more. In the U.S. children had

  • Child Labor

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    The Labor Times ________________________ Child Labor taking its full toll on the world Hello I am Rupak Stephen, reporter for Labor Times on the story of Iqbal Masih and to get more information on the pending problem of child labor. In the least developed countries 30% of children are engaged in child labor. That means one in six children are engaged in these dangerous jobs while often enduring beatings, harsh conditions, and barely any sleep. About 1.2 million children every year are trafficked

  • child health

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    family where someone works, which means child poverty is mainly defined in relative terms – that is, as the share of children whose family income is below a certain percentage of the national mean or median family income ( Childhood is a period of human development when the pace of growth and maturation is more rapid than at any other time of life. The human’s right to survive and develop is an ultimate p... ... middle of paper ... child poverty. These agencies include: district