The Role Of Early Childhood Education

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Working in the field of early childhood can be both complex and challenging. Today, early childhood educators must take on a good number of roles including manager, advocate, policy maker, and classroom practitioner (Allvin, 2016). It is vital that early childhood educators understand that children’s early learning and development are multidimensional, complex, and influenced by many factors and so are able to implement developmentally appropriate practices in their childcare settings (“School Readiness,” 1995). Part of developing proficiency in working with young children is learning about and following accepted professional standards of conduct. As an early childhood educator and administrator, many daily decisions will have moral and ethical …show more content…

Teaching young children is becoming more complex and the demands placed on educators are increasing. By taking part in continuing education, and integrating current research and practices, educators and administrators will be better able to promote innovation and improvement in both managing, and teaching. Since early childcare educators are keenly aware of the needs of children and are able to see trends in early the child care and development system and their impact on children and families, they have a responsibility to engage in informed advocacy for children (Mevawalla & Hadley, 2012). By getting involved in the public policy-making process, they can help educate the public and build support for early childhood issues that will help improve the lives of children and families. Early childhood professionals have many important roles and responsibilities. “Teaching young children is serious work that requires high-quality, dedicated, professional teachers who see the importance of what they do and are eager to increase their effectiveness, knowledge, and skills” (Phajane, 2014, p. …show more content…

As early childhood educators, we have many responsibilities to countless people and institutions. The most important responsibility that has been reinforced to me over the years is the responsibility for the well-being of children. Not simply the ones in my care, but all children everywhere. This can be accomplished in many ways such as advocacy. Organizations such as NAEYC, of which I am a member, engage in collective public policy advocacy which involves speaking out for and participating in activities that support and protect vulnerable populations such as children (Freeman, Decker & Decker, 2013). By volunteering at the Judy Center and after-school enrichment programs such as Bridges, I have had to opportunity and privilege to meet and collaborate with many wonderful social workers, advocates, and others who toil so diligently to improve the lives of children. “Helping young children become what they are capable of becoming is what the field of early childhood is all about,” (Colmer, Waniganayake, & Field, 2014, 103). In order to accomplish this, early childhood professionals need to continue to grow and develop as professionals. And so, the professional development of every early childhood professional needs to be seen as a lifelong task (Livingston, 2014). Research shows that teachers with more preparation for teaching are more confident and successful with students than

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that early childhood educators must take on a number of roles including manager, advocate, policy maker, and classroom practitioner.
  • Explains that early childhood educators have many responsibilities to countless people and institutions, such as advocating for and participating in activities that support and protect vulnerable populations.
  • Opines that early childhood educators should have good verbal and written communication skills, and refrain from slang or other words that may possibly offend others.
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