College And The Entrance Number Of Students Going At College Right After Highschool

College And The Entrance Number Of Students Going At College Right After Highschool

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Moreno 5stopped going to college and the entrance number of students going to college right after highschool was very low (Value of a College Degree).College graduates tend to have a higher chance of employment and higher salaries, thanhigh school graduates. For example, in the 1980s it was said that a college graduate earned four-thousand dollars more, meaning that they would earn approximately $260,000 more throughouttheir lifetime. Although it has increased by twelve-thousand dollars more a year; in 2010 it wassaid that a college graduate would earn $450,000 more on their lifetime. Over the last thirtyyears, college tuition has increased by fifty percent, but the outcome is seventy-five percenthigher salaries (Greenstone and Looney). A worker with a bachelor’s degree earned forty percentmore than a worker with just a high school level degree, but it was found out just last year thatthey now earn eighty-three percent more (Leonhardt).Fg. 2. This chart compares the lifetime pay between a college graduate and a high school student(Greenstone and Looney).
Moreno 6Not all college graduates earn the same amount of money. It all depends on the student’scareer and the level of education they accomplished. The higher the level, the more they getpayed. A person with a doctorate’s degree earns about $1,441 a week comparing to a person whohad some high school years and did not receive an diploma, one thousand dollars less, $419. Theunemployment rate for a person with a doctor’s degree is rare, with a percentage of 1.4. A personwho did not complete high school is down to 6.8 percent unemployed.Fg. 3. This table demonstrates the amount of money a person makes a week depending on theirhighest level of education (Value of a College Degree).It...

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... whole. High-school graduates would benefitfrom this, since the college graduates will share some of their knowledge, and even if they don’thave the college degree they would be better-educated than before.Year by year, it is becoming more difficult to get into college. The cost is rising everytime, and students who cannot afford to pay, do not attempt a postsecondary education. Luckily,the United States government has made laws that help students pay for college with loans,scholarships, and grants. The higher the education that the student achieves, the more moneythey earn and the faster they finish paying their college debts. College is worth the cost, all dimesand all pennies, at the end going to college will only benefit the student by guaranteeing anemployment that pays more, provides communication skills, and open more doors to newopportunities in the work area.

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