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  • A Semester of Work

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    numbing job that I had held for the last three years. While most of my friends were back in school after their summer break, I was back at home after a year of living in a college dorm. The transition was not an easy one for me, and I looked upon my semester off with little optimism. The previous fall was one of much more hope and excitement. At the age of eighteen, I was ready for college. I chose to attend State University, not far from my home, but still far removed from my former life, as I

  • The Course Of The Semester

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    Over the course of the semester, I have been place in Hopewell Junior School. I worked with an intervention specialist, Gina Ottlinger. Mrs. Ottlinger works with both seventh and eighth grade students, specializing in math and reading intervention, and inclusion in all content. She was a marvelous mentor, and was very open with what interventions she was implementing, and welcoming to me in her classroom. What I liked the most about Mrs. Ottlinger was her communication to the family of her students

  • The Switch to the Semester System

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    quarter systems to semester systems. Some people feel a semester system will be better than the quarter system. Apparently, the Technical College System of Georgia agrees and converts the technical colleges to the semester system. Now students who are on the quarter system have to transition to the semester system. Students will have to cope with the new academic calendar, courses, credit hours, tuition, and financial aid. But will it be as easy as people think. The semester system is used by

  • Semester in English 102

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    Throughout this semester we have had to write many types of essays. Although this is a college English class there is still room for improvement. I made much improvement during the semester of the class. I was able to identify my weaknesses. I learned how to make improvements to the areas I was having problems in. Although each essay we did was different I was able to begin with one essay and throughout the semester turn it into two other essays. I was able to change my style of writing to fit the

  • Review of English Semester

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    English 101-60 has taught me many things and has helped me grow and develop my skills as a writer. It has taught me how to think more creatively and use clear concrete details. In the beginning of the semester, our first writing assignment was a narrative journal entry that focused on writing about an uninteresting moment from your life and making it interesting. This was a challenging assignment because it was a broad topic that allowed the writers to take it in any direction. I remember thinking

  • The First Semester At Apu

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    y first semester at APU has gone by rather fast. It seems like orientation was only yesterday, and today we are taking finals. A lot has happened in these few months as I embark on my college career as a freshmen once again. College is a big step up when compared to high school. I am surrounded by adults far more knowledgeable than I. This year has also been full of new things, new classes, new adventures, new challenges and new risks. The college transition was more than slightly overwhelming.

  • The Semester Of Academic Discourse

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    The Semester of Academic Discourse More often than not, we take what we have or our skills for granted. In order to appreciate what we have or to see how far we’ve come, we must first look to the past. Seeing our personal growth not only lets us appreciate where we are, but it motivates us to keep moving forward and to keep growing. Looking at this last semester, it is easy to see how vastly my writing ability has developed into a more structured, concise style, reaching a new level of academic

  • My Experience At The Semester

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    The end of the semester has arrived and with it comes time for reflection. This semester has had many ups and downs. However, one thing is for sure: it was a fantastic first semester of college. Learning was at the top of my to do list this semester. While being in a classroom setting did provide a decent amount of information to learn, I feel I did more learning outside of the classroom for a few reasons. The first lesson I learned is that being away from home with a bunch of strangers is not a

  • Obstacles For This Semester

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    for This Semester Everyone struggles with something. You feel like you have everything under control starting the semester, and once you start, it is the complete opposite. Why? Because you have to finish and turn in all these assignments, and you sometimes do not understand where to start. There are a few things that interfere with my path to success. My path to success is a path where I am getting good grades and try to get rid of all my obstacles. The obstacles to my success this semester are time

  • Semester Reflection on Writing

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    Semester Reflection In the first essay that I have written this semester, I learned quite a few largely-important points about writing. Before this class, I knew very little about any writing method. The first essay taught me the incredible importance of a thesis. Without a thesis, a paper cannot accomplish anything; it becomes nothing more than rambling nonsense. Another important thing that the first essay taught me was comma placement. I have always struggled with comma placement. This essay