The Importance Of Accelerated College Education

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The community participation that has changed my life for the better is being apart of The Accelerated College Education (ACE) program at American River College. Being apart of this program has given me a push and motivation to finish and succeed in school. Before I started in the American River College ACE program, college success was not always a part of my college career. I have been and will always consider myself a part of the ACE program community in which I have participated in for the past two years. Unfortunately, I am no longer among the rest of my cohort classmates that have been a part of this amazing community. Looking back I now see that the time was well spent in the ACE program. The experiences were life changing in this program…show more content…
My college career started with me just going to school to take PE classes while neglecting my main required core classes and always pushing them aside without any urgency to succeed in finishing school. A couple of years would go by with little to no progress and lack of motivation to succeed in finishing my college required classes. Soon landing a career oriented job and finding myself dropping out of college to focus on my work career. From this point and time I would learn the importance of school and the value of finish college through my years of experience at work. This awareness of value in finishing college would motivate me to want to go back to school. Soon I would find myself at American River College counseling center. Here I was coming back to school unsure of myself and in an environment where I previously never found success in school. After meeting with my counselor I was recommended to take a college success course. This course is part of a program called the Accelerated College Education (ACE). Because I was able to learn along the years being out of school the importance of gaining an education I gained a new motivation for school, signed up for this ACE program, and enroll in the college success
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