Personal Statement: My Leadership As A Career In Nursing

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As I have developed in my job, school, and as a person, I found that I enjoyed helping others and want to become a leader. This paper will further describe how my experiences and background have shaped the leader I am today. From an early age I loved to lead people and I realized that I had the skills to be a leader. I began college in 2007 at Johnston Community College. I had originally planned to pursue a career in Nursing. During my first semester of college, I found out I was pregnant. Being a mother and trying to juggle all of the other responsibilities was a challenge, but I continued with school and took all the prerequisites for the nursing program. I applied for the nursing program and did not get accepted. I continued with my associate …show more content…

With the knowledge acquired through the classes I will be a better manager to server to my colleagues in my upcoming career and it will help brighten my future. My passion of being a leader within a healthcare facility comes from knowing that if employees are treated well and happy with their job they will have excellent customer service skills and treat patients with excellence. When a patient is sick they are at the most vulnerable time of their life. If you receive awesome customer service during your most vulnerable time you will feel grateful. I have had many patients at my job express how we don’t make them feel like other doctors office. The patient has expressed that at other doctor office they just feel like another number. When a patient feels as if the staff, doctors, and manager care they will see the whole environment as effective leaders for all healthcare organizations. My earliest memories of when I found out that I wanted to be a leader was when I began working at Duke Cardiology of Raleigh. I watched all of the leaders around me and the employees. I began noticing and viewing things about employees that needed to be critiqued. I even noticed positive and negative attributes that were present in management and

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