Reflective Essay: My Experience With Literacy

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Surprisingly I don’t have many memories of my experiences with literacy. Early on I just remember picking up any book and reading, writing without stopping, and all those parent teacher conferences with my English teachers that became a blur. Throughout my years of school, I’ve come to realize that writing has become a bigger part of me than I had previously thought. I didn’t go into elementary or middle school thinking I was skilled at writing so my confidence came from teachers who admired what I wrote. Their compliments and encouragement lead me to have a better view of my capabilities. My improvement seems to be invisible until I finally notice the progress when I get to my last paper at the end of the semester or year. This semester and especially this class have tested me the most so far. Learning more about literacy has made me recognize who I am and what I can do so, I will move ahead through the ever continuing process. In elementary school, when I was grouped with people …show more content…

I can recall the first meeting last year we had in the school cafeteria, it was the first step to sign up for college classes. I was debating whether I really wanted to take the chance and work harder than I had in previous English classes. My Dad was hesitant, but my Mom was pushing me towards it. I didn’t know how committed I was going to be. Not too long after the meeting I had to confirm if I was actually going to go through with it, with not great deal of time left to think it over I signed the paper that said I was in. I didn’t know if it would be something I would regret in the end for overwhelming myself or something that would be ultimately beneficial for my future. Since I’m at the end of the semester I’ve discovered that this challenge has been valuable to me and I’ve gained more insight about

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