Entrance Essays

  • Importance Of Entrance Exam

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    29th, 2014 The Examination!! University Entrance Examinations, which is the exam that students must pass with higher score than norm in order to get accepted into universities and colleges, is most important exam to determine students’ future. Each year on July 4th to 10th, in Vietnam gets busier. Candidates and their parents will across country to the two biggest cities: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City for the most important exam. Some people think the Entrance Exam must be compulsory for people whom

  • Cosque Cave

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    was a prehistoric painted cave with an underwater entrance. It is known today as the Cosquer cave. Jean Cosquer, a professional diver, discovered the cave. He was diving for no particular reason, and found a wealth of prehistoric art in the cave. He made this discovery in July 1991, and ever since more and more research is being done on the Cosquer cave. It is firmly dated one of the Paleolithic painted caves in the world. The entrance to this cave is thirty-seven meters under sea level

  • Starbucks Going Global Fast

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    of coffee, lattes, espressos, and café style drinks. The company intended to reach a specific target audience, but has ended up in many different markets and has been growing rapidly. Starbucks has greatly used the “youth appeal” strategy to gain entrance into new markets. However, such enthusiasm cannot be counted on indefinitely; other strategies are always in the works. Over time Starbucks has been able to acquire a solid brand reputation and has a world renowned company logo. There have been

  • The Tunnel Metaphors

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    aids this phrase in its stand against the test of time. All it takes is a moment of analyzation to realize this metaphor’s true applicability. Many individuals go through this metaphorical tunnel everyday of their lives. They start at the tunnel's entrance. Looking inside, all they can see is the

  • Bull Fighting

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    known as the suit of lights. His assistants wear less flashy costumes. The movement from act to act in the bull-fight is divided by a trumpet blast. The first trumpet signals the paseo, or march of the bull-fighters. The second trumpet proclaims the entrance of the bull. The matador first watches his chief assistant perform some passes with the yellow and magenta cape, in order to determine the bull's qualities and mood, before taking over himself. Du...

  • Interpersonal Communication

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    parents at the San Francisco Airport. While I was walking away from my parent’s gate I remembered the study for my Interpersonal Communication class, and decided that the airport was a perfect place to observe nonverbal behavior. I sat myself near the entrance of a gate so I could clearly focus on personal space and voice behaviors while people stood in line to board their plane. This location allowed me to observe some very distinct behaviors, and I was amazed at the many different ways people express

  • Cosquer Cave

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    This ancient landmark is now known as Cosquer Cave. It is a unique cave not only for the images found there, but also because of its unusual entrance. The cave is located on Cape Morgiou, in the Calanques, which is near Marseilles (“The Cosquer Cave”). Marseilles is in the south of France along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The only entrance to the cave is through a tunnel that is 125 feet below the water and 575 feet long (“Cosquer Grotto”). This long, sloping tunnel leads to the large

  • The Great Pyramid: Largest Pyramid in the World

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    limestone taken from the nearby quarries and built around and over a rocky knoll. The size of the knoll cannot be determined, since it is completely covered by the pyramid. The entrance to the pyramid is in the center of the northern face. It is located in the thirteenth course of masonry from the base. This entrance has a pointed roof formed of massive slabs of local limestone and opens into a long steeply descending passage. From there a 36 meters long ascending passage leads to a 35 meters

  • Deir El Mdina

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    superstructures, and shared walls like today’s terrace housing. Each of these houses would have the following features. Down several steps from the street was an entrance room, with niches for offerings, stalae and busts. Often there were painted images, sometimes of the god Bes. A low bed-like structure has suggested to some archaeologists that the entrance room was also used as a birthing room. A doorway led into the main room of the house, with raised dais by one wall, plastered and whitewashed. Against

  • The Fire Station

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    There is a narrow passageway between the racks of protective clothing and the aft of the trailer. This serves as not only a hallway but also a fitting area. My uniform, technically called "bunker gear," is on the rack closest to the entrance door. Located at the entrance of the station, I manage only to be a burden to people entering, unlike the firefighters who have to dress in the tight passageway. Once through the small walkway between the trailer and wall, there are tw... ... middle of paper

  • Thomas Jefferson´s Monticello

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    every room of the house. The exterior was made simple and unified by having one story of the Doric order with the frieze continuing from the porch and extending to the back of the building. The Entrance Hall has the dimensions 27’ 11" x 23’ 9"; ceiling 18’ 2". This is done in the Ionic order. The entrance hall was influenced by frieze ornaments from the temple of Antoninus and Faustinia. (figure two) The Dining room’s dimensions are 18’ 6" x 18’ 0"; ceiling 17’ 9". This room has a Doric influence

  • A Day In The Life Of A Gnome

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    A Day in the Life of a Gnome Once upon a time there was a gnome named Knob, who lived the far off land of Gnomania. Gnomania is a huge underground lair with only one entrance. The only entrance to this lair is by swimming down to the bottom of the ocean floor and knocking on a large clam. On the other side of this clam is an old grouchy gnome named Stubby whose only job was to keep the clam clean, and listen for the knock of incoming visitors. To assist Stubby in guarding the clam, he had

  • A Day In The Dark

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    the writer mentions her senses and then continues with references like ‘childless silence’ and the ‘mesmeric sound of the weir.’ At the very end of the paragraph the last sentence is only two words long. ‘It opened’. ‘It’ being this red door, the entrance to Miss Branderry house. By simply using two words it has great effect, emphasising the presence of this door, it seems to be the only thing that has actually moved. Throughout the passage the Elizabeth Bowen has explored the relationships between

  • A Memorable Cruise Ship

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    work our way up. The first floor was locked somehow, because the elevator wouldn't go to it. Ok, scratch that idea. On to Deck 2, it looked the same as Deck 3, but with slightly smaller rooms. Deck No. 4 was called the Main Deck, which had the main entrance, fittingly called Crystal Court. It was a miraculou... ... middle of paper ... ...mazingly) and we watched the engines start up, with water whirling everywhere below the surface. I ran to the front of the boat to look down into the water and

  • A Visit to the Bristol Caverns in Tennessee

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    prepared for a cool environment because while inside the cave you will experience temperatures from 50-60 degrees. As you walk along the tour of the Bristol Caverns, a tour guide will inform you about the history of the cave: such as the original entrance place to the caverns used by the Cherokee Indians and how an early pioneer would store his fruit in the cave for extended freshness (tour guide). While the guide leads you through the cave of the caverns, you can view many formations and scenes.

  • The Arrogance of The Lie by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

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    Remenzel is obsessed with Eli having a high standard of excellence, Eli getting special treatment because he is part of the higher group, and for those reasons, Eli is ashamed of himself, and terrified of telling his father and mother that he failed the entrance examinations.  All of these things are examples of what happens in the arrogant sub culture which exists today. During the beginning of the story, Doctor Remenzel is obsessed with the idea of his son Eli looking good.  An example of this would be

  • Analysis Of The Joe And Rika Mansueto Library

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    In this essay, I explored how a building has a direct correlation between the geometry and the activities contains. After looking at many libraries I chose to analyze the Joe and Rika Mansueto Library, University of Chicago Illinois. In order to understand a library, you first need to know a brief history. In 1731, the first Library was opened by Benjamin Franklin and his Junti Society. More than a century and a half passed by and in 1887, Melvin Dewey founded a school for librarians to get their

  • short story

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    When my friends Mike, Christina and I arrived in San Francisco our first destination was the Cat Club. It was a seedy little place hosted the break beat and jungle music. It wasn’t much to look at it, with its dark entrance and several vagrants sleeping in the street near the entrance. A different crowd hung out there. It was a mixture of old dance party burnouts and very young ambitious club-goers. I felt confident though, I was going to go in there and knock the crowd’s socks off. I was in my best

  • The Book of Psalms

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    said to be the principle author for psalms. The purpose of the Psalms that David wrote was to sing praises to God and give God the glory for all of his creations. David also wrote songs of lament, as did many of the other psalmists. Psalm 15 is an entrance liturgy because it follows a simple question and answer form. Many of the Psalms are written in this format . Thomas Jefferson called this psalm the picture of a true gentleman . Psalm 15 is a Davidic psalm and a perfect picture of what a true citizen

  • Rituals in Everyman and Endgame

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    avoid change. The presence of rituals and their importance are very evident in the plays Everyman, written by an anonymous writer, and Endgame, written by Samuel Beckett. Everyman tries to prepare for death and attain his ultimate goal of gaining entrance into heaven by changing his life through the ritualized acts of scourging himself and performing the seven blessed sacraments. In Endgame, Clov ritualistically looks out of the window to make sure that nothing has changed and that death, or anything