Stage Six: Critical Thinking As A Critical Thinker

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In order to truly be critical thinkers, we must reach stage six: master thinker. Although it is stated that philosophers are unsure that we as humans are capable of becoming master thinkers, due to our deep social conditioning. I believe that while it may not be possible for the vast majority of humanity to become level six critical thinkers, I do believe it is possible for the fittest of our society to become true critical thinkers. I believe I am a level 3 critical thinker, meaning I am just beginning my critical thinking experience. Before this class I never took much time to evaluate my thinking strategies or think extensively about matters I did not see as trivial. A level three thinker is described as one who beginnings to take thinking …show more content…

College has a extensive impact on a person that some people simply don’t realize. When I first started college, I was a little close-minded and unsure about what it was I wanted to do with the rest of my life. When I was halfway through my freshman year, I decided to completely change my path in life. I left ECU, moved into an apartment, transferred to Pitt and declared my major intended sonography. Then suddenly I hated what I was doing, I had to take a step back and truly evaluate my life and what it was I was meant to do. I was completely lost. Then one day I received a text from a friend telling me to apply to a hospital located in Chesapeake, Virginia. I did, and I got the job. When I told my parents they were less than thrilled, they didn’t like the idea of me taking a year off from school to work, but I thought long and hard about what was best for me and decided it was something I was meant to do, it was the path I needed to follow. I worked for a year while living at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. I was completely independent, providing for myself 100 percent. While working this job, I realized that what I wanted to do and what I was called to do in life was become a nurse, which is something I would have never figured out had I not seriously weighed my options …show more content…

it is so mentally exhausting it’s hard to find room to think about anything else. It is possible to overcome these mental barriers and open our minds to new ideas, opinioins, beliefs, and factual evidence. This is still something I am learning to do, and I hope one day I can think more in depth and become the critical thinker I know I can

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  • Opines that it is possible for the fittest of our society to become true critical thinkers.
  • Explains that they are a level 3 critical thinker, meaning they're just beginning their critical thinking experience.
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