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We Must Best Describe Tom Essay

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A motto that would best describe Tom is, “live to eat, not eat to live”. Tom is an 18-year-old male, who likes to be with the hype, and goes out to eat when a new food craze restaurant has just opened. He is even willing to drive hours to be one of the first to eat there. He enjoys having the best Instagram picture with the most likes. His Instagram page is more of all foods inclusive with the newsiest food trends on the market. His love for food, has unfortunately caused him an extra 100 pounds and even high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.
Moreover, Tom’s main concern is his embarrassment about going to the gym and thinks exercising it is a waste of time. He is 5’10 and was 165 pounds, but now he is about 270 pounds. Tom has gained about 100 pounds since his hobby took off as well as the food market increasing in popularity. He just eats all the oily and greasy food without exercising it off. After completing his yearly physical, his primary health physician has recommended that he participates in at least 30 minutes of daily exercise, but Tom ignores it and refuses to follow the physician’s suggestion. Tom hunger for Instagram followings has landed him in a health scare. He may experience many health complications which are not limited to heart attacks and strokes. His physician has notified him, that if he does not exercise a little everyday, he will have serious and life threating health concerns.
Tom loves to just eat and dislikes exercising, so this reflects his behavioral beliefs. He thinks exercising is a waste of time and does not seem to enjoy the idea of it. He rather be in his car driving to a new food location, and spending the time there so his. However, Tom does acknowledge what his physician express...

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...ange his control beliefs by not totally eating everything he wants, but to a moderation. I will not allow him to make excuses on being embarrassed at the gym, and explain to him that individuals who go to the gym, are there to get healthy and lose weight in the end. I am going to let him know that food should not be a barrier for him, as long as he is able to generate small changes. His supported group of friends should be a factor on his ability to gain confidence and control. Lastly, I will change Tom’s perceived powers by first taking him to the one free week trial that they offer at my gym and allowing him to get the feel. Tom does not want to suffer from a heart attack or stroke, so exercising is something that I will hopefully get him to carry confidence in. In addition, the closest gym is only a 7-minute drive his and encourages a sense of control and power.

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