Friedman Family Health Assessment and Plan of Care

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Family Health Assessment and Plan of Care Family health is receiving substantial attention in the contemporary decades, following a growing number of unpredicted health issues. Family health assessments have become common techniques within the health care systems across the world to promote good health. Nursing Family assessment and intervention models have been developed in to assists nurses and families to identify the family issues and develop the best. Friedman Family Health Assessment A Friedman assessment was conducted in the Smith family. Following the model guideline, the data was identified and developmental stages, family history, environmental data, family structure, family functions, family stress, and adaptation were evaluated. Diagnoses to recognize concerns and provide a plan of care for the Smith family was also conducted. This assessment helps in coming up with a care plan for the entire family. Identifying Data The Smith family is an ideal nuclear family which is made up of the father, mother, son, and daughter. The family resides at 2739 Congress Ave. in Palm Beach County, Florida. The father, Joe Smith, is forty nine years old and is at the moment unemployed. He used to work as a realtor, but was heavily affected by the recent economic meltdown and lost his job. Joe is smoker and has a family history of hypertension. The mother, Linda Smith, is forty five years old and is a breast cancer survivor and works as a receptionist at a local hair salon, to support her family. Linda ’s mother died of cervix cancer a cervix cancer and her sister . Their son, Johnathan, is 26 years old and recently graduated from University of South Florida, with a degree in business management. He is currently working in ... ... middle of paper ... family has a history of lifestyle diseases like hypertension, hence, he should be careful on his diet and lifestyle. Though the family claims to walk frequently, engaging a regular exercise program is advisable (Stahl, 2010). Moreover, Linda admits to dislike fruits and vegetables which should be considered while teaching on healthy diet. A healthier diet plan will help to prevent a high blood pressure. Conclusion Friedman Family Assessment Method is a very helpful tool for assessing a family. It assesses the social, spiritual, physical, and psychological, among other aspects of a family. Analysis of the assessment data using the Friedman model, allow nurses to develop a plan to improve family health and to live a healthy life. The assessment of the Smith’ family was a great experience as it exposes one to different aspects of community health.

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