Argumentative Essay On Obesity

I chose the topic of obesity, because many Pediatricians have been blamed for the lack of intervention in children and young adults, that they are responsible to educate the young and give advice to prevent obesity and the consequences it could have on their health. As time progresses, Americans, have had an increase in the amount people who are obese in the general population. The ways to deal with this issue has had varying points of view. Treatment of obesity is often debated whether what kind of treatment is best like: medical treatment, intervention, dieting, physical activity, pharmacotherapy, and bariatric surgery. People also often question how obesity can be prevented. Likewise, because medical treatment is often considered disputable,…show more content…
(2014). Why are Americans Obese? [Web log post]. Retrieved from The blog post “Why are Americans Obese?’’, provides details on the classification of being considered obese through a body mass index chart (BMI). The source also, describes how Americans through increased food portions, confusing dieting, the lack of physical inactivity, have all played a major role in the epidemic obesity in Americans. The source concludes with ways to prevent obesity on a small scale through exercising, lowering calorie intake, eating smaller food portions, and asking for a medical professional’s opinion. The purpose of this source is to inform the audience of the epidemic issue that obesity is a real serious problem in America and that serious cardiovascular issues could lead to death. The source is not very useful, for reasons that the author of this post does not have the professional qualifications to know that all the information that was posted is accurate or reliable. Even though, the post was written recently, it was opinionated and biased to only certain forms of ways to deal with the subject matter. It only offered a few solutions out the many that are available to the public. In conclusion, the blog post provides general information about obesity and confirms that people don’t know the optimal way to prevent or treat obesity, but can only offer…show more content…
Successful treatment will require reforms of medical practice as well as more research to facilitate the development of new drugs. The worldwide problem of obesity is sparked by two factors: increased intake of food and increased sedentariness. That having a specific behavioral target for the prevention of weight gain may be key to arresting the obesity epidemic. The purpose of this source is to persuade those in the medical profession to update their approach to obesity and renew their knowledge on the epidemic and to update their practice. The knowledge on obesity won’t stay the same as with any epidemic it will evolve and change over time and making sure that all information put out there is up to date is a crucial part in helping to decrease obesity. The author of this source is a doctor of medicine, making the information in the source credible. The author was biased in the article. In conclusion, the source is a couple of years old but the information presented was helpful because it has different perspective about the medicine being made to help decrease obesity and an alternative to the traditional dieting and exercising in treating

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