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  • Hypertension And Treatment Of Hypertension

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    Hypertension (HTN), also known as high blood pressure, is the persistent, chronic elevation of blood pressure force in the arteries that can cause health problems, and damage to the body’s organs. There are two main types of hypertension consisting of, primary (essential) and secondary (Khan, et al., 2013). Primary hypertension is a gradual increase in blood pressure without a known cause or contributing underlying disease. Secondary hypertension is an acute onset, or a spike in blood pressure

  • Hypertension

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    Hypertension is the medical term for high blood pressure. A normal blood pressure is 120/80. A blood pressure reading higher or equal to 140/90 is considered abnormally high. Elevated blood pressure means your heart is working harder than normal, putting both your heart and arteries under great strain. High blood pressure is serious business. On average, people with uncontrolled hypertension are:Seven times more likely to have a stroke. Six times more likely to develop congestive heart failure.

  • hypertension

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    Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has deemed hypertension or high blood pressure a global public health issue (World Health Organization, 2013). Not only does hypertension affect over 1 billion people worldwide but in the Unites States alone, about 76.4 million Americans over the age of 20, equating to about 1 in 3 adults, have hypertension (AHA, 2012). This growing health condition occurs when an individual’s blood pressure when the heart beats (systolic) is higher than 140 millimeter

  • The Dangers of Hypertension

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    where she was diagnosed with hypertension. Hypertension is deadly and it is a silent killer, if not detected on time, it can cause severe complications to major organs in the body. I chose this topic because I took care of a patient who had high blood pressure in my previous clinical placement. Ever since I have been taken care of this patient, I discovered that she has been withdrawal, depressed and this behavior challenged me to research on hypertension. Hypertension can be defined as a force exerted

  • Hypertension Essay

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    Hypertension: silent killer, current treatments Introduction Hypertension is the medical term used to describe high blood pressure, referring to a state in which arteries consistently have raised blood pressure levels (Torpy, 2010). In the UK alone approximately 30% of the population suffer from hypertension, greatly increasing their risk of severe organ damage or failure, heart attack and stroke (NHS, 2012). Symptoms for hypertension often do not arise until damage to vital organs has already taken

  • Hypertension Essay

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    Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure is a medical condition where the arteries are constantly experiencing high blood pressure due to the force exerted on the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood throughout the body. Hypertension is considered a “silent killer” as it may not exhibit obvious signs and symptoms while it is slowly damaging the organs or causing several illnesses, such as damage to the renal arteries (renal artery stenosis), stroke, retinopathy, cardiac arrthymias

  • Hypertension Outline

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    Topic: Hypertension, A Silent Killer I. Introduction: A. Attention Grabber: • In this part, I am planning to test the audience regarding hypertension by asking them the following multiple-choice question: Normal blood pressure is systolic blood pressure of ____ mm Hg or less and diastolic blood pressure of ____ mm Hg or less. (a) 120; 80 (b) 130; 80 (c) 140; 90 (d) 150; 90 • According to American Heart Association, hypertension is the most common of health problems in adults and is leading risk

  • Hypertension Essay

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    Botswana, for instance hypertension, dental caries, osteoporosis, stroke, diabetes and others. Hypertension which is also known as high blood pressure is one of the leading lifestyle diseases, and it affects men more than women in many developing countries Botswana included. Furthermore hypertension is a challenge as it takes time to be diagnosed and can only be checked by health professionals. Hypertension is classified into primary and secondary, the primary hypertension is inherited or caused

  • Hypertension Essay

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    Hypertension may not be common in children, but if present, may be a problem in children of any age. It is often missed due to medical professionals omitting to take the blood pressure in a child or the technique, used by the doctor to take the blood pressure, is incorrect.[7] In adults a high blood pressure is defined as a BP of 140/90 and higher but in children, to determine if the BP is high, one has to take into account the child’s age, weight and height. A child is said to have hypertension

  • Hypertension Essay

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    Hypertension, a complex multifactorial and polygenic disorder, is a major silent disease affecting young people because of their hereditary and modern lifestyles and it is a major modifiable cardiovascular risk factor. 1 A positive parental history represents a major risk factor for future hypertension in normotensive offspring.2 Several studies have been conducted in the offspring of hypertensive to find the role of genetic and environmental factors in the pathogenesis of essential hypertension

  • Patient With Hypertension

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    Hypertension is diagnosed by having a blood pressure of 140/90 or above, this may sound like a simple diagnosis but high blood pressure is a very serious condition. Hypertension is also known as the silent killer due to its limited and quiet symptoms yet deadly aftermath, it puts a person at high risk for heart disease and stroke by damaging your arteries. According to the CDC (2010), Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the U.S. and stroke is number four. Hypertension also damages your

  • Secondary Hypertension

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    Hypertension is a medical condition wherein the blood pressure stays higher than 140 over 90 mmHg.* When blood pressure remains elevated for an unknown cause, it is called primary (also known as essential or idiopathic) hypertension. On the other hand, high blood pressure as a result of another complication such as tumor, endocrine or kidney diseases it is called secondary hypertension.* Risk factors which are likely to contribute to high blood pressure include age (more prone to people age 60 years

  • Effects Of Hypertension

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    Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a disease by which the force of the arteries raises the blood pressure in the body. The continuous elevation of the high blood pressure will ultimately lead to major health issues. Boedthjer & Aalkjaer (2013) states, "frequently described causes for hypertension involve changes in the kidneys, the resistance vasculature, and the autonomic nervous system" (p.1). Blood pressure is assessed by the strength of blood that depresses against the vessel

  • Hypertension Essay

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    What is hypertension? Hypertension is a medical condition where the blood pressure in the arteries is elevated. (Nordqvist 2013) Hypertension is commonly known as high blood pressure. If hypertension is left untreated, it can cause severe health problems such as stroke and heart failure. In order to treat hypertension, the drug Losartan is used. Losartan is an angiotensin-II receptor antagonist (AIIRA). In other words, it can also be known as angiotensin receptor blocker. (Allen 2012) There are

  • Hypertension Essay

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    Hypertension, commonly known as high blood pressure, is more often found in males than in females as age increases then reverses around the age of 65. There is about 67 million of American adults that have high blood pressure, which is 31 percent, that comes down to one in every three American adults (High Blood Pressure Facts, CDC.com). Hypertension is the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries as the heart pumps blood. Blood pressure is determined by the amount of blood your

  • Hypertension Essay

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    Hypertension is considered to be a disease in which a constantly raised blood pressure, or higher than what is perceived “normal” blood pressure, causes a halt in organ function such as heart failure, a stroke etc (Opie, L. H.). Most people don’t even know that they have hypertension as a condition because they haven’t had their blood pressure measured at a health care facility. In South Africa Hypertension is usually considered to be a “silent killer” because most people do not even realise that

  • Hypertension Essay

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    According to Statistics SA hypertension is one of the leading non communicable diseases in South Africa1. It is a major risk factor for the development of various cardiovascular diseases and thus has been shown to contribute to heart failure and stroke. There is a high prevalence of undiagnosed and untreated hypertension in South Africa1. In order to improve therapeutic interventions it is essential to understand all the mechanisms that are associated with this disorder. Therefore recent studies

  • Hypertension Essay

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    closely parallel the obesity and insulin resistance epidemic. Current U.S. estimates project 70 million obese adults and an additional 70 million with hypertension and/or type II diabetes (28, 42, 45). More so, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), suggest a graded and continuous relationship exists between prevalent hypertension and increasing body mass index (BMI); a metric that is closely associated with insulin resistance and self-identified type II diabetes (8, 34). Latent

  • Hypertension Essay

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    one of the factors influencing the development of hypertension. As people get older, their blood pressure increases due to the physiological changes in the arteries. Numerous research studies have shown that the prevalence of isolated systolic blood pressure rises in the population over 60 years. Hypertension is increasingly prevalent with patients who have diabetes (Mallion et al, 2001; Yi-Bing et al, 2013). A survey was conducted on hypertension management and awareness among 556 patients. They

  • Primary Hypertension Etiology

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    2. Etiology and Pathophysiology of Hypertension with rationale: The etiology (cause) of Primary Hypertension unknown, but there are many things that can add to cause Primary Hypertension. Some of the factors that can lead to Primary Hypertension is high alcohol and salt intake, aging and sedentary lifestyle, low potassium and calcium intake. High alcohol (alcoholic) intake raises the blood pressure to an unhealthy level. Normal blood pressure ranges from 120-140 for the systolic (atrium pressure)